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Hi Jim, thanks for doing a good job always. I have a crazy assignment for you and a couple more conventional questions.

1: You said quite a while back that a max-sized, very elite wolverine might be able to take down Travis before he dismembers it. Describe how the single wolverine would be able to take down the monster ape.

2: In the former East Germany, GSDs were specifically bred for pure aggression and these dogs were extremely formidable. How would these communist attack dogs fare against this same large wolverine (or true fighting dogs like the Tosa, pit, Ambull, etc. for that matter)?

3: Do your best, in your estimation, to rank the following from least to most effective against a musth elephant, pound-for-pound (at exact parity):

Honey badger
Fighting bull
Spotted hyena
Brown bear


Hey Martin.

1. I'm going to have to give this a miss. I don't mind doing play-by-plays for fights than are ingrained in reality, but to tell you how a fantasy wolverine would take down a big fat chimp would just be me making stuff up.

2. Not terribly, but both the large wolverine and the fighting dogs should win every time. As I've said, this bigger wolverine would be a nightmare for anything around its size. The dogs would be "easier" for the GSD, but they are still a level too high. These GSDs were bred extremely well for their tasks, but their tasks did not include fighting other dogs. Therefore the dogs that were bred to fight other dogs are far better designed for it, regardless of aggression levels.


Spotted Hyena
Honey Badger
Fighting Bull
Brown Bear

Cheers Martin

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