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Hello there,

Now I am asking you some interspecies conflicts between India and China. Thanks for your work.

1) 440 lb bengal tiger vs 440 lb siberian tiger
2) 3 300 lb sloth bears vs 400 lb asiatic black bear
3) 5 300 lb sloth bears vs 500 lb ussuri brown bear
4) Gaur vs water buffalo
5) 5 striped hyenas vs 340 lb south-china tiger
6) Indian wolf vs tibetan mastiff
7) 100 lb Indian leopard vs 100 lb amur leopard
8) 15 dholes vs 1200 lb ussuri brown bear
9) 6 indian wolves vs 440 lb ussuri brown bear
10) gaur vs 2 ussuri brown bears
11) 2 350 lb asiatic lions vs 900 lb ussuri brown bear

Hey Maharshi.

1) I side with the Bengal here. I believe them to be the more formidable subspecies, an opinion not shared by most.

2) The sloth bears should win here.

3) And again. This brown bear has somewhat of a chance though.

4) Probably the gaur. Better movement, more aggressive, generally larger.

5) Tough one. 5 is a lot, considering how much damage a striped hyena's bite can do. I think the tiger is in for a rough fight here.

6) Not completely one-sided but a trained Tibetan Mastiff really should have little trouble with a single Indian Wolf.

7) 50/50 but if I had to choose, the Amur.

8) I'd go with the bear at that size. I see the dholes dying at too rapid a rate and not being able to capitalise on their numbers advantage.

9) I doubt the wolves would kill this bear, but I don't think he'd like his chances in a fight against them.

10) Could go either way. Two big and persistant bears could do it, but otherwise they will struggle. Big, healthy bovids are not usually animals even the biggest bears mess with.

11) Bear in this one. Too large and dominant on most ocassions I would think.

Hope that helps

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