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Interspecies Conflict/King of ussuri woods



Siberian Brown Bear vs 2 siberian tigers

Siberian Brown bear vs Siberian Bull Moose

Siberian Brown bear vs 10 wolves

Siberian Brown bear vs 5 asiatic black bears (assuming they are working together and not running away like they would do in a real encounter)

Hey Hex! Hope all is well!

1. Well two adult and presumably adult males can reach up to 250kg, which obviously doubles in size and in proposition for the Siberian Brown Bear. If the Tigers were working together, their supreme agility would allow them to out-flank the Bear, alternately swiping at the bears side and hind quarters, and repeating the process until the Bear started to tire. The problem however would be trying to mount and hold the Bear, which could end in serious or fatal injury. The Bear has a tremendous physical constitution, with an almost unbeatable composite of muscle and fat which aids them with power and stamina. Added with their robust, heavily muscled, densely skeletal bodies, they are absolutely formidable. One swipe from their enormous forelimbs could crush a Tiger's spine or skull instantly.

If the Bear can kill one Tiger quickly, then the odds would be very much in the Bear's favour. They are very durable and highly aggressive in battle. The Tigers CAN win, but I favour the Bear. Large adult males can be over 500kg. They are powerhouse animals, that deserve the utmost respect in battle.

2. If the Bear was especially determined it can win this, but nothing is guaranteed. Moose are huge deer, and armed with those mighty antlers which are sharp, ranged and have huge bodyweight and leverage behind them. Bears attack face on, and would attempt to clasp the Bear with it's huge forelimbs and jaws, like a vice, trying to eventually ground the animal.

The Bear can win this. They have knowledge of tackling large ungulates, and have the skills and weaponry in order to gradually overpower the Moose.

3. Bears do encounter large packs of Wolves on occasion, and The Bear is capable is killing several consecutively, if it managed to swipe or bite a Wolf within range. Wolves are extremely intelligent and co-operative predators though, and have developed sophisticated systems when tackling Bears. Wolves will bite at the Bear's hinds, which forces the Bears to turn, thus allowing other Wolves to attack from behind and the cycle is repeated over and over, until usually the Bear retreats.

If the Bear was hyped with pure aggression and intent, it could go on a killing spree, using its huge forelimbs to smash the skull or spines of any Wolf, but this is less likely to happen. Wolves are very agile, and can anticipate and avoid attacks, so therefore the Bear would probably retreat with very minor injuries. Bears are often very reticent to fight, especially when out-numbered. It's been well documented in the wild.

4. Well 5 Asiatic Black Bears would be far too much of a deficit for the Brown Bear to overcome, especially if the former are especially determined to fight. Large Male Bears are smaller than Brown Bear Males (at around 260kg), but five of them presents a formidable challenge for a lone Bear.

A couple of Black Bears could die, but the Bear is ultimately out-numbered and would retreat.

Great questions Hex!

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