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Hey Jim,

hope you are fine. match ups:
1. 95 kg cougar and large cougaress vs 200 kg wild boar.
2. 3 elite sf bulls (hypothetically cooperating) vs 3.5 ton w rhino.

Please rank the following species at 50-55 kgs, at parity (prime and elite) in terms of fighting and winning abilities:
1. American bulldog
2. Gull dong
3. Rottweiler
4. Kurdish kangal
5. Boerboel
6. Tibetan mastiff
7. Dogo Argentino
8. Italian Mastiff
9. Grey wolf
10. Brown hyena
11. Bully kutta

Also, please name which of the above dogs is easier to train and easier to handle (considering their aggression towards other pets, attack on people, etc.).

Further, somebody recently forwarded a link on cougar vs bear conflicts in North America. Indeed, I believe cougars should be capable of some amazing feats as are leopards in India and Africa. Though it is difficult to believe if any cougar could defeat a 250 kg+ black bear or a 350 kg+ brown bear, even then the big bears will have some ......

Hey Gaurav. Busy but fine thanks.

1. If everything pans out perfectly for the cats they will win. One gets a good grip on the boar then the other comes in to help bring it ground and then kill it. How often this scenario would play out I can't be sure. Cougars are excellent predators but a boar this big would not even be attempted. I can't imagine the cats would succeed all that often.

2. Still the rhino. Ridiculously well protected from damage, enormously powerful and with a devestating weapon.


1. American Bulldog
2. Gull Dong
3. Bully Kutta
4. Grey Wolf
5. Dogo Argentino
6. Brown Hyena
7. Boerboel
8. Italian Mastiff
9. Kangal
10. Rottweiler
11. Tibetan Mastiff

Very close all the way through really. A good Rottie or Tibetan Mastiff would be a very good chance against all of these animals.

American Bulldogs and Rottweilers are definitely the easiest to train and handle, as evidenced by their popularity as household pets. Dogos and quite easy to train but not to handle in normal circumstances (i.e as a pet). Tibetan Mastiffs also make good pets as well as being able to perform a task.

Haha me too Gaurav. But who knows, maybe it happens more frequently than we might think?

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