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Interspecies Conflict/Saltwater Crocodile vs GWS


Hey Jim. How are you? I don't mean to sound rude or offensive but why does it keep saying you're maxed out? Just out of curiosity.

Saltwater Crocodile vs Great White Shark is a question I've pondered about for some time.

I've always thought the crocodile would win due to its (by FAR) stronger bite force and heavily armored body.


2) Sharks on the other hand have surprisingly weak jaws.

Now I'm not saying the crocodile will always win but more often than not (in my opinion of course) I see it grabbing the shark's fins or jaw, deathrolling, and immobilizing the shark.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for your time. Your answer is much appreciated.


Haha because I am maxed out I suppose?

My answer to this is simple:

If they are in shallow water I back the crocodile. It is so powerful and its bite will quickly tear the shark apart. But if it's in deep water the shark will win, simply because it is the far superior swimmer and can pick where and when it makes its attacks.

Cheers Elliot.

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