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hey there jonathan how are you?few match ups for you here.250lb male jaguar vs 25ft reticulated python?70kg wolf vs 70kg male chimp?17ft green anaconda vs 200lb male leopard.thanks jonathan:)

Hey Christian! Great to hear from you!

1. A large Jaguar could tackle any snake, given the right execution. The Jaguar's agility gives it a distinct edge, being able to avoid being encoiled and being bitten, and if it can use it's monstrous bite on the python's weak skeletal head, it can win this fight with some efficiency. In water, it would be the python that would have a wealth of advantages, but snakes do not fare well against large predators on land. They aren't mobile enough, and their weaknesses can be exposed, especially by intelligent, suitably armed predators such as Big Cats.

It's all about timing and intelligence though. Any mistake could be deadly.

2. Chimpanzees don't fight especially confidently solo against large predators, but they would have certain advantages over the Wolf. Firstly, Chimpanzees can use their flailing forearms and huge ranged canines effectively, whereas the Wolf is relatively handicapped, by only be able to attack with its jaws. Secondly, the Chimp is extremely powerful, with rippling muscles and broad bones, especially around the shoulders and arms and it is also dexterous. It's athleticism also would allow it to out-maneuver the Wolf, and use its dexterity to hold the Wolf and either land blows or give the Wolf nasty wounds with those teeth.

Obviously if the Wolf lands bites, it could seriously injure the Chimp, but the Ape is very intelligent. They understand with great intuitiveness the strengths and weaknesses of certain animals, and exploit them accordingly.

The Chimp can win this, though I doubt it would kill the Wolf.

3. See question 1. The Leopard is just too agile and intelligent a hunter.

Great questions Christian!

Keep them coming,


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