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gary wrote at 2012-06-29 18:14:15
Asian Black Bear vs Tiger?

A bengal tiger or sumatran tiger would lose in a fair fight to a fully grown asian black bear. Siberian Tigers prey on asian black bears on several occasions, but it usually does not happen as asian black bears can be extremely aggressive and powerful. Male Asian Black bears are known to steal kills from siberian tigers, and dominate over females.

rick wrote at 2012-08-01 17:19:27
I disagree of what the expert has said. It is said that Asiatic black bears are around the same size as bengal tigers, both weighing 400 lbs on average. Bengal tigers also do not weigh to be 660 lbs, and that is really absurd. Asian Black bears can grow to be much more than 300 lbs in weight. They would avoid each other in real life, but if they got into a conflict, the ursid would win as it is pound for pound stronger. The bone structure of asian black bears are much stronger and solid than tigers, as well as the thick fur/fat layers help. A slight weight advantage for the black bear, and the tiger would be in danger.

rick wrote at 2012-08-01 17:21:42
Siberian tiger vs Black Bear: It would take a large asian black bear an equal weight advantage or more in order to win, otherwise the siberian tiger takes this. Just too big. It is also said that siberian tigers are known to prey on 500-600 lb siberian brown bears in ambush.

rick wrote at 2012-08-01 17:24:21
Sumatran tiger vs Asian Black Bear: The sumatran tiger is pound for pound the strongest tiger species as it is the most aggressive and famed for its forelimb built. But the asian black bear over here is going to be a bit too big for the tiger. A sumatran tiger would weigh 250-280 lbs for a full grown male, while a full grown male asian black bear can be around the size of a bengal tiger.

simon wrote at 2012-08-03 22:47:25
Bengal tigers do not prey on full grown adult asiatic black bears, and they would struggle head on head without ambushing. A big male asiatic black bear would also be around the size of a adult male bengal tiger, and bengal tigers normally do not weigh over 500 lbs. A 660 lb bengal tiger is ridiculous, as male siberian tigers average 550 lbs. I seriously doubt what this expert had said.

dores wrote at 2012-08-27 05:56:58
The above answers are false information.

Even a large asiatic black bear has not so good chances with an adult bengal tiger. They are simply not big enough to handle it, as common male asiatic black bears average 330 lbs. A bengal tiger weighs 330-550 lbs, but averages around 440-450 lbs. This is about the same size of a moderate sized american black bear. An american black bear would have much better chances of winning over a bengal tiger, but not the asiatic black bear.

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eurav wrote at 2012-12-28 06:25:05
This depends on many factors. Brown/grizzly bears and polar bears are much bigger and powerful than tigers. They wont have not so much trouble against them head on head. As the weight gets closer, the more the tiger wins. A full grown black bear could have trouble though. Black bears need a 70 kg weight advantage to have some chance. They wont be much bigger than a tiger or a lion with a 70 kg weight advantage and can certainly be killed, but they will be more powerful and have the weaponary to deal with them. At parity, tigers should be heavily favored. Sloth bears and sun bears wont work against a full grown tiger singulary.  

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