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hi im morgans brother and when im older i want to be a big cat scientist and to me these leopard look huge almost lion size what  is you thoughts ?

Hello Dave, and nice to hear from you, Prior to joining this site, I have done work with these animals, and studied them for many years and can tell you its a rewarding experience being with such magnificent animals, so good luck with your career!.

It makes me sad seeing these photos, no animal this beautiful should be killed for sport, but I will answer your questions none the less.

The first Leopard is around 200lbs, (90-95 kilograms), that is an impressive size as this Leopard was a registered cattle killer, preying on Buffalo and other large bovines, the length on this Leopard is also impressive, looks to be a solid 190cm in length. The second is also very large, measured at 190lbs, and a good 180cm Hunter Marrs Bowman killed this 190-pound leopard in Tanzania while hunting with PH Alistair James of Tanzania Wildlife Company. Bowman hunted in the Lake Natron South GCA area of Maasailand. The third Leopard looks to be around 170lbs, and 175cm in length. Lions are 300-420lbs and can be 11ft in body length, so the Leopards are still quite far away from being the same size as a Lion. How ever, these specimens are impressive none the less.

Thank you for the questions Mark and good luck with your career.
Stay safe


Interspecies Conflict

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I can answer questions of the anatomy off large animals mainly big cats such as the Lion and the Tiger. I prefer predatory mammals and my knowledge on other animals such as amphibians or reptiles is rather limited compared to my knowledge on big cats. I can answer a variety of questions on interspecies conflict including hypothetical questions. I can go into detail if necessary. I would also like to mention that I prefer questions on mammals such as Bears, Lions and Tigers. I can answer questions on weight and other parts off these animals anatomy and have many sources and studies indicating the likely outcome in a hypothetical situation. I consider myself an expert in anatomy as that is my strongest point.


I was a ranger in the Zimbabwe wild life park for four years. I have worked in two different zoo's over the past 2 years and have a degree in zoology. I also have degree's in animal behaviour and anatomy. I have studied animals since I was 19 years off age. I have read and studied under experts such as George B Schaller and Melvin Sunquist on the Serengetti Lion and have many studies on measurements and other factors off mammals from the Zimbabwe wildlife park and other South African reserves.

I have a degree in zoology, Animal behaviour and anatomy. Also have NCEA (National Certificate of educational achievement level 3 in Metaphysics and Biology, Level 2 In Mathmatics and English

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