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Interspecies Conflict/Gorilla vs Grizzly Bear


Ray wrote at 2014-07-08 19:58:55
None of what you said make sense even if you had a 1000 pound grizzly vs a 600 pound silverback which is about the average size of the mountain gorilla a bigger stronger species of gorilla I like the silverback in this fight and I will tell you why. A silverback gorilla its been estimated has the strength of about 7-8 olympic lifters and that's a modest estimate some experts say it's stronger,and a bite force that exceeds that of even the big cats around 1300 pounds per square inch. You made the statement that a gorilla would only be slightly stronger than the bear that would be inaccurate when you consider studies that suggest bears have the strength of about 3-4 men and gorillas have the strength of about 20-30 men, one study suggest that gorillas have the strength to lift  4 sudans over head that's cars and that's about 4 tons I doubt very seriously if the 1000 pound or even 1400 pound bear would be forcing its weight on an animal that can lift four tons overhead the bears limbs would be snapped and it would be quickly immobilized is the more likely scenario.

Another advantage gorillas have is the fact that the gorilla has hands and it is extremely intelligent second to only men in intelligence, it is very agile and dexterous and those powerful hands regularly break bamboo which as the other gentlemen pointed out, and its true, has a tensile strength stronger than steel, gorillas regularly break 3-6 inch bamboo like twigs it is not at all unlikely that the gorilla breaks the bears limbs easily immobilizes it and then breaks its neck,do you think a bears arms or legs are as strong as a 5 inch steel pipe? of course you don't. I like the gorilla in a tussle for this and many other reasons if the gorilla gets its hands in the bears mouth ripping the jaws apart like thread becomes a very real possibility also. The only danger I see the bear posing is a swipe from its paw but that does not necessarily suggest that the bears swipe would end the fight, gorillas have a much thicker and denser bone structure than humans and are also intelligent enough to avoid the paws and manuveaur behind the bear and get on its back at which point im convinced the gorilla would have a field day, there are several options it can use to win the fight, get the bear in a headlock and snap its neck like breaking a bread stick, pry its jaws apart and rip them apart like removing a sectioned pizza slice from a large dominos pizza, bite the nape of the neck and sever the bears spine, put its thumbs in the bears eye sockets and and gouge the eyes out at which point the bear would be totally incapacitated at which point the gorilla could do whatever he wanted to do to the bear.

And lets not forget the hands on the gorillas legs yea a gorilla basically has four hands, his legs which are much  stronger than the gorillas arms, arms of which I might remind you again regularly snap 4-5 inch bamboo like twigs bamboo that has been proven to have a tensile strength stronger than steel. Hands on both the legs and arms strength that has been estimated to be so powerful that it can hoist 4 sudans that's cars overhead, a superior intelligence and bite force actually puts the gorilla at a distinct advantage. The only advantage the bears has is in weight which is easily and quickly negated by the gorillas unearthly strength, and the bears paw swipe which the gorilla has the intelligence to avoid. I honestly don't see how the grizzly could ever hope to win this contest with the exception of those two factors. I know of a trainer of wild animals who said his gorillas would regularly grab the tails of full grown male lions and hurl them 100s of feet like they were nothing but stuffed animals he said gorillas are freakishly powerful. A male silverback gorilla wins this contest hands down barring a swipe from the bear paw, besides that the gorilla beats him in every other dept.  Get in a tussle with a gorilla would be a deadly mistake on the bears part, his best chance would be to stay on the outside and swipe with his paws but we both know that is not going to happen, they would eventually lock and grapple at which point based on all these key factors the gorilla essentially rips and breaks the bear apart. Oh one other thing, we are talking about a mild mannered gorilla in terms of strength, we haven't factored in the strength of a male silverback when he is enraged I think it's safe to say that those strength estimates rise substantially when the beast is enraged, probably in the range 80- 90 men and the ability to lift 12 cars do you honestly think the bear would stand a chance in hell when facing such unearthly strength, intelligence and ferocity?

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