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Interspecies Conflict/Ive got more match ups


clouds wrote at 2012-10-08 05:57:53
I disagree.

Black rhino vs crocodile- I think more than not a nile crocodile would prevail in deep waters. The black rhino would drown in deep water, and repeated bites of the crocodile could do enough damage to end the rhino. On land, the scenario is much different. The crocodile wont be mobile on land and would tire easily. Moreover, an aggressive fast black rhino could simply destroy the crocodile on land.

Brown bear vs Nile crocodile- The brown bear has the strength to flip the 500 lb crocodile over, and slashing its underbelly. In water, the brown bear has not much of a chance. However, a nile crocodile of 1000 lbs could win a fight with the brown bear. Bears arent good with crocodiles with big size advantages. They arent agile animals like felines and could get easily caught by the crocodile.

Leopard vs bison- I would say the bison in most cases. Leopards have preyed on 1 ton giant elands, but this is only on rare occasion. Bisons are much more powerful, more dangerous, and they are also much more robust than giant elands. The bison could easily trample or stomp the 130 lb cat to death.

Arabian camel vs american alligator- On land, I am sure the alligator would tire easily on land and the camel could eventually trample it to death. But if the alligator did luckily bite the camel's stomach or throat, it could well kill it. In water, the alligator would easily win.

Moose vs giant anteater- The moose's sheer size advantage and aggression could well overwhelm the giant anteater. Giant anteaters arent predatory in nature and it is hard for them to use their claws quickly unlike felines and bears. Moose also have fended black bears and grizzly bears off.

Tapir vs cheetah- I think a cheetah has a good chance as it is agile enough to avoid the tapir's mouth and has the weaponary to kill it. Cheetahs hunt the more dangerous powerful wildebeest, although in very small packs.  

Morissa wrote at 2012-12-14 18:52:21
From Morissa

Ok i gotta say this guy eli is not the greatest animal expert on here.

Number 1-A leopard even a large male could never bring down an adult bison. I dont how much people buy into the stories of leopards bringing down giant eland but i for one dont think its really possible.

Number 2-Alligators hardley kill very large animals and they have never killed any thing that weighed 1000 lbs or more.The alligator is to slugish on land and the 1600 lbs camel could easily trample it to death.  

P.S.-It always sound like your buyest by picking big cats over practicly any other animal.  

Uly wrote at 2013-03-24 06:45:55
A giant eland would defend itself easily from a leopard in a fight, being ten times a large male leopard's weight and having two dangerous horns. The eland would be just be too dangerous for the leopard.  

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