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drake wrote at 2012-07-22 05:01:49
Human vs Tiger: Most tigers weigh 400 lbs on average, and a full grown healthy strong human would be 170 lbs at a normal weight (without much body fat, but pure muscles and average height). The tiger is going to be at least 2 times heavier than the human, meaning that the human would not be able to beat the tiger down. It takes two well placed swipes of a tiger's paw to kill the human, but if the human is smart/fast, then it is possible that he may tire the tiger out. He may be able to break the tiger's neck from a sneak attack. Remember, tigers and other large wild cats tire out easily than bears.

Human vs Lion: Now the scenario is changed. Lions tire out more easily than tigers do for some reason. The healthy strong man has a very good chance here to tire out the lion, but unlike tigers, lions have more agility due to less body mass, more fighting experience, and longer forelimbs. The lion's thick mane also protects itself from the healthy strong man breaking its neck. A well placed bite of the lion would kill the healthy strong man. So I cannot really say.

drake wrote at 2012-07-22 05:04:41
Polar Bear vs Grizzly Bear: The polar bear can win due to sharper claws, stronger bite, stronger paw swipe, larger size, and more hunting experience, but since then grizzly bears are more aggressive than polar bears. So I am pretty sure that at the same sizes (top 1700 lbs) it is a 50/50.

drake wrote at 2012-07-22 05:09:17
Tiger vs Lion: The sumatran tiger would lose to a full grown male lion due to large weight difference of 270 vs 430. A siberian tiger can win, but due to high body mass, it is slower than the lion and has not much of an advantage although it is larger in weight (430 lb vs 550 lb). At equal weights, I back a male bengal tiger, but only slightly. Lions have longer forelimbs than tigers do and are also more skilled in fighting other lions. But since all tigers are good ambushers and stronger in built, the lion would be a total goner.

rick wrote at 2012-08-01 19:34:25
Polar bear vs Grizzly Bear: Size difference is too large over here, as the polar bear is going to be a lot bigger. 1300 lbs vs 800 lbs. Polar bears are also well built for killing large prey, have faster reflexes, and are far more predatory in nature.

rick wrote at 2012-08-01 19:40:20
Tiger vs Lion: It varies on what species of tiger. A full grown male lion at 400 lbs is going to overwhelm a 250 lb sumatran tiger. A 250 lb lioness would lose to a 250 lb sumatran tiger as sumatran tigers are pound for pound the strongest species of tigers. An equal sized bengal tiger vs male lion is going to be more in favor of the bengal tiger as bengal tigers are powerful hunters and great at ambushing. Male lions do not even hunt at all. A 550 lb siberian tiger  vs 400 lb male lion would be a lot more in favor of the tiger, but due to the tiger's high body fat, it would be much slower than the bengal tiger. This may give the male lion a chance.

rick wrote at 2012-08-01 19:49:18
Human vs Tiger: A determined smart healthy strong human of a normal weight can win a sumatran tiger at 250 lbs if he can break the tiger's neck with full strength, but it would be dangerous as sumatran tigers have powerful forelimbs/front builts compared with other tiger species and are famed for their aggression. Siberian tigers or bengal tiger at 400 lbs or more would be too big for a determined healthy strong human to defeat. But the human may have a chance to break their necks though if he is engaged.

Simon wrote at 2012-08-02 21:56:11
Polar Bear vs Grizzly bear: Brown bears cannot win over polar bears without taking brutal injuries. The polar bear is more carnivorous than them, has a stronger bite, bigger claws, and way too powerful for them. Kodiak bears also are no match for polar bears as they are loaded more with fat than muscles and are very omnivorous.

Tiger vs Lion: To make this even, a bengal tiger would fare slightly over a male lion. A big male bengal tiger would weigh 500 lbs as a big male lion would around the same or slightly less. A big male siberian tiger can weigh up to 660 lbs, but it would lack fast enough speed and aggression to win over a lion. Sumatran tigers are too small as they are only 250 lbs.

Human vs Lion: Unlike the tiger, the lion has longer forelimbs, slightly longer canines, more agility, and has a big mane to protect its throat. The human cannot break the lion's neck. But since lions tire out more than tigers do, it would be a draw if the human is smart and fast enough to avoid the lion's powerful bites.

bryan wrote at 2012-08-16 18:26:10
Human vs tiger- It would not be possible for an average human to kill a tiger barehanded. Tigers weigh much more than humans do, and it would be hard for a human to break a tiger's neck due to strong bites, big canines, sharp claws, and forelimbs. It is true that tigers have low stamina and are not very durable, but they are still immensly powerful predators.

Human vs Lion- This actually becomes kind of easier for the human to handle as lions are not as big, strong, and powerful hunters as tigers are. In fact, most lions are female lions which are much smaller and less aggressive than tigers.

Grizzly Bear vs Polar bear- The grizzly bear or brown bear would simply win due to bigger size, aggression, and more muscular built.

Lion vs tiger- The tiger takes this one. The smallest species of tiger are sumatran tigers, which are about the size of lionesses. The sumatran tiger is the most aggressive of all tiger species and have quite powerful forelimbs compared to other tiger species.

dores wrote at 2012-08-31 05:38:31
No humans would do well with these two big cats, especially the tiger. Tigers are very aggressive, and they are too well of hunters. They can easily kill a human with a single bite. The same applies to a lion, although lions are nowhere good hunters nor strong as tigers are.

Male tiger vs male lion- It totally depends on what species of tigers you are referring. If you a talking about the sumatran tiger, then the male lion would win without too much trouble. With a large bengal tiger or a siberian tiger, the tigers may be a bit too big for the average lion to handle.

Grizzly bear vs Polar bear- The grizzly bear should win due to being a much better fighter, much more robust, and more aggressive. The size advantage of the polar bear can save it, but it wont be too easy.

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sum wrote at 2012-09-13 06:44:38
For the grizzly bear vs polar bear fight, I have to point out something.

Grizzly bears on average are much smaller than polar bears, and are not as powerful nor predatory as them. The average size of grizzly bears is 800 lbs, as polar bears average 1200 lbs. A paw swipe of a polar bear is said to crush a beluga whale's skull. The bite force of a polar bear is more than that of a grizzly bear's bite force. The bite force of a polar bear is 1600 psi, as a grizzly bear's bite force is 1300 psi. On the other hand, I checked that grizzly bears are not as carnivorous as black bears.  

sudhart wrote at 2013-01-18 06:21:48
I am assuming these are average sized species.

1) No. A lion or a tiger is too big, strong, and has too much weaponary for a human to handle.

2) The sumatran tiger would lose, being much smaller. A bengal tiger would win due to slight weight advantage. A siberian tiger could win, but chances wont be as much as bengal tiger.

3) This is a popular topic. Polar bears average 1200 pounds, as inland grizzly bears top 800 pounds. The polar bear would win because of size. But coastal grizzly bears average 1100 pounds and eventually top 1200 pounds. At parity, the coastal grizzly bear should win simply because of aggression, more powerful built, the more combative animal.  

Limited to wrote at 2013-03-25 06:58:21
Any big cat family could rip apart an adult human in split second. The man who entered in the sumatran tiger's pit would just get mauled.

400 lb Lion vs 400 lb tiger would be 50/50.

Polar bear, without doubt. Grizzly bears weigh 500-800 pounds, while polar bears can grow to the sizes of 1500 pounds or more.

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