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zayaan wrote at 2014-11-05 12:26:09
Mongoose is the fastest i have a video proof a mongoose killing a black mamba here it is

Interspecies Conflict

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Taylor Renne


I have a vast knowledge on animals of all kinds, and can provide a good answer to any hypothetical match-up that you may have. Reptiles are my speciality, although any question will be answered. I have a credible amount of knowledge on big cats, bears, reptiles of all kinds, dogs, almost any animal. However I am not fond of questions that involve prehistoric animals as such questions cannot be answered with any amount of certainty, but again any question deserves an answer.


I have worked with animals since I was a small boy, as of right now I am the proud owner of several large, and exotic pets, including large constrictors, monitor lizards, crocodilians, and a Serval. Simply working with these animals has given me knowledge you can't learn in a book.

I will admit I do not have a degree in zoology, I have worked at a reptile sanctuary for abused crocodilians for seven years, and have kept exotic pets such as monitors and servals since I was ten.

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