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Interspecies Conflict/black bears/sun bears/bengal tiger conflict


drake wrote at 2012-07-22 11:24:41
Sun Bear vs Asian Black Bear (same size): At the equal weights of 450 lbs, I'd side with the sun bear. It has a far stronger bite and larger claws, as well as more agility.

Sun Bear vs Sloth Bear (same size): The sloth bear would be very aggressive when attacked, and is known to confront with bengal tigers. At same sizes, I back the sloth bear, but only slightly. This is because sloth bears have very weak bites, not really robust, and are quite slow.

Sun Bear vs Bengal tiger (same size): The bengal tiger can win due to hunting experience and ambush power, but since then the sun bear is going to be very powerful at 450 lbs. It has a really large bite as well as large claws, and its pure strength/aggression makes the bengal tiger hard to defeat.

rick wrote at 2012-07-31 22:51:03
Sun bear vs asian black bear (same size): Assuming they are the same size at 400 lbs, the asian black bear is going to still win. It has powerful forelimbs compared to other ursids and its predatory nature would be too much.

Sun bear vs bengal tiger (same size): The sun bear can win as it would be less lazier than a bengal tiger, and its big bite /big claws makes it able to win. In an ambush, of course the tiger.

Sun bear vs sloth bear: Sloth bears are particulary very aggressive for a bear, and their deadly claws would make the sun bear repel.  

bear fan wrote at 2012-08-14 19:12:13
350 lb Asiatic black bear vs 350 lb hypothetical sun bear- Sun bears are great combatants and have bigger claws plus stronger bites than asiatic black bears, but it would still lose. This is because they have lose skin unlike other bears, in which the asiatic black bear's short strong claws can slash through it easily. Moreover, sun bears do not hunt prey, making the asiatic black bear even more of an advantage.  

450 lb bengal tiger vs 450 lb hypothetical sun bear- Tigers do not fight effectively head on head and would struggle with a strong equal sized bear. At this size, the stronger sun bear would be able to kill the bengal tiger with its large bite and large claws. The bengal tiger would fairly win in an ambush as it would pin the sun bear down with its weight and deliver a throat bite. But this would be hard as the sun bear has lose thin skin in which it can easily turn around and attack its opponents back.

350 lb sloth bear vs 350 lb hypothetical sun bear- Both have good chances and advantages over each other, maybe a 50/50. Sloth bears have weak bites and are lightly built bears, although they are highly aggressive, have longer deadly claws, and confronts bengal tigers. The sun bear has a far stronger bite than the sloth bear and would be slightly more robust.

jones wrote at 2012-10-26 22:57:01
Additional answer

Hypothetical 300 lb Sun bear vs 300 lb Asiatic black bear- It would be a very tough fight for both, but the asiatic black bear should eventually beat the sun bear. The sun bear is better armed and has a much stronger bite, but the asiatic black bear is much more carnivorous, has longer forelimbs, more powerful built, and more aggressive.  

Hypothetical 440 lb sun bear vs 440 lb Bengal tiger- The sun bear would win in a fair fight, but it would be seriously wounded on the process.

Hypothetical 300 lb Sun bear vs 300 lb sloth bear- The sloth bear can win due to aggression, but it is outmatched. The sun bear has an enormous bite force that could destroy the sloth bear.  

Interspecies Conflict

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