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drake wrote at 2012-07-30 20:36:18
Barbary Lion vs Asian Black Bear: A large asian black bear can weigh around the same as a male barbary lion, both weighing over 500 lbs. At equal weights, I favor the ursid as it is more aggressive, pound for pound stronger, and confronts with tigers.

drake wrote at 2012-07-30 20:39:01
Asian Black Bears actually can weigh over 300 lbs in the wild. I heard that in northeast china, some villages caught a 600 lb asian black bear. In india, there was also a 800 lb asian black bear shot. Most full grown asian black bears average 400-500 lbs.

dores wrote at 2012-08-30 06:02:20
Large Hippo vs Great white shark in shallow water- The hippo would have no problem getting its massive jaw and big tusks through the great white shark. The shark would also have trouble biting through the hippo's thick skin.

Large hippo vs 2 really large saltwater crocodiles- The saltwater crocodiles can kill the hippo or injure it, but it wont be easy. Hippos are very thick skinned large animals, and also their aggression along with their massive jaw would also be too much of a problem for the crocodiles.

Large hippo vs 40 spotted hyenas- Mismatch. Too many hyenas.

The extinct barbary lion weighed nearly 550 lbs, as a large asiatic black bear would weigh 450 lbs. The lion is significantly larger, but the agitated mad asiatic black bear can put up a fight and give the lion a hard time.

Some asiatic black bears in south siberia weigh 500 lbs. The record shot in india was 800 lbs.

Indian elephant vs 5 really large saltwater crocodiles- The saltwater crocodiles should win if they worked together, especially in water.  

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thus wrote at 2012-10-29 23:19:38
Additional information

Barbary lions were more used to fighting and they were also quite aggressive. The asiatic black bear would probably put up a hell of a fight and make the fight for the barbary lion very tough. Bears are more durable than cats are, and also are better protected/more robust. However, size difference is quite big here. The barbary lion was around 440 lbs, as the asiatic black bear is about 300 lbs on average.

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