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Interspecies Conflict/Monster hippo and monster chimp


drake wrote at 2012-07-22 06:20:44
6 ton bull hippo vs indian elephant: At the given sizes of this monstrous male hippo and an indian elephant at 3 tons is a bit too much for the indian elephant. The hippo is not only 2 times as heavy, but it is also very aggressive and has a powerful set of massive jaws loaded with half meter tusks. It may be able to penetrate through the elephant's hide at full force since it is so giant.

Gorilla sized chimp vs bengal tiger: I do not really think that the tiger would mess with a chimp around the size of a full grown gorilla. Chimps are very aggressive animals, and the one mentioned would be much stronger than the bengal tiger.

Answerer wrote at 2013-01-26 06:55:10
50/50 in my opinions. The hypothetical six ton hippo is larger and more aggressive than the elephant and should win because of this. It could struggle to bite the elephant, and the elephant can easily gore or trample it to death.

And again.

The bengal tiger because it is a far better killer and is physically equipped to kill big prey. The chimp can possibly kill it due to its immense strength, but it would be difficult.

And again. Bears are not as serious big game hunters as tigers.  

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