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true facts wrote at 2012-12-24 07:16:15
I dont think two black bears would bring down a water buffalo.

1) The water buffalo has a chance due to size, but the bull would still win. The bull is a really fast and aggressive bovid. Its horns are better suited to combats. The water buffalo is much slower and less agile. It wont be able to do much.

2) Sun bear, in my opinion. The chimp is more intelligent and agile, but the sun bear is better armed and has a much bigger bite.

3) The average kodiak bear would still win. It would attack them ferocity, massive power, and strength. The combined weights of the two black bears wont be be much bigger than the kodiak bear's size.

4) The water buffalo. Bears are quite bad for taking on these things, and both of them wont be agile nor powerful enough to do much.

5) The leopardness. Better armed and a born killer.

6) Hippo, if it can catch both of them. Sharks arent used to shallow water, while hippos are excellent shallow water swimmers.

7) Wolf. Bulldogs arent as vicious nor athletic as pitbulls.

8) Its true. Apes do have advantages over canids. They are more intelligent, have forelimbs and hands, while canines only have their mouths.

9) Leopard, but close fight. If the chimps were aggressive enough, they could severly injure it.

10) The bull. Giant elands arent dangerous as buffalos, and the bull should beat it.

11) Five could possibly do it, but three isnt enough.  

Yes, if the hippo is able to catch the agile and aggressive fighting bull.  

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