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Interspecies Conflict/humans vs big cats/bears


dores wrote at 2012-08-22 23:37:50
3 martial artists vs amur leopard- The amur leopard is a small big cat, but it still is far stronger and far better armed than a martial artist. The martial artists are going to win if they work together to strangle it, but one would be teared apart by the leopard.

3 martial artists vs lioness- The lioness would win in most cases. The martial artists punches/kicks have no effect against it.

3 martial artists vs male lion- As above. The male lion has a thick mane that would easily protect its throat.  

3 martial artists vs siberian tiger- The siberian tiger is too big for the humans to subdue. It can deliever strong bites to them one by one or claw them all at once.

3 martial artists vs sun bear- The martial artists should be able to win, but they would be seriously injured by the sun bear's big claws and large bite.

3 martial artists vs sloth bear- The sloth bear's sheer aggression and dangerous claws would put the martial artists at bay. Its thick shaggy fur also can easily protect itself. The humans have little chance.

3 martial artists vs ussuri black bear- The ussuri black bear's hunting instinct, aggression, and durability would be too much.

3 martial artists vs american black bear- The black bear is not only too big, but its sheer strength and powerful paws can cripple all of them. It would be less carnivorous and less aggressive than the ussuri black bear, though.

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Jon wrote at 2012-08-22 23:52:46
No offense, but I must say the above is a very, very poor answer.

All three humans may have a chance against the lighter animals such as the Leopard and Sun Bear but any thing higher and there chances goes down from small to zero.

There is a reason why natural evolution gave humans thumbs and more developed brains, partly to allow us to MAKE WEAPONS which is because we cannot compete with other animals with just our physical bodies.

Breaking bricks with your head doesnt mean much against  a Siberian Tiger. The Tiger is faster than a brick and even faster than a peak-human on average I'd say. Martial Arts Masters also seem to need time to concentrate before breaking inanimate objects. A Tiger will slash your chest open and bite out your jugular on primal instinct, which comes almost as natural to them as breathing.  

Again the above answer is grossly inaccurate and if you ask the other registered experts on this site, I'm sure they would mostly agree if not completely.  

crimmer wrote at 2012-09-17 05:53:03
I dont agree with the first answer.

vs amur leopard/lioness/male lion/siberian tiger- The martial artists can kill the amur leopard without too much problems, as the cat wouldnt be big enough to protect itself. Although the lioness is very durable for a big cat, three martial artists with those capabilities could eventually beat it. The male lion and siberian tiger would be a bit too much for the martial artists to beat in a combat. The male lion and siberian tiger would be too strong for the martial artists, although the martial artists have some chances to win.

vs sun bear/sloth bear/asiatic black bear/american black bear- The sun bear could be restrained and defeated by the martial artists the same reason as the amur leopard. The sloth bear would also lose since it is not as robust nor predatory as other bears. It also is said to have a very weak bite, although its long claws and aggression could pose danger. The asiatic black bear and the american black bear would be too strong and powerful for the martial artists. But they still stand some chances.  

clouds wrote at 2012-09-28 05:18:51

I doubt these above information. I think more than not than martial artists (described) would win the fights, especially with the felines. Felines are not as well protected as bears, and also they tire easily due to their extreme agility. The bears, especially the asiatic black bear, would take quite a long time to kill due to their extreme durability, strength, aggression, and robust built. 220 lb asiatic black bears in Himalayan mountains have killed big and strong sportsmen.

Michael wrote at 2012-10-29 04:25:13
The human may beat the Amur Leopard and sun bear but for all the other animals this is not possible or has a very slim chance of winning.There is no way any human can beat a large lion, tiger, or bear. The animals are just too large and have a lot of weaponry.  

Hades wrote at 2013-12-15 03:50:26
Seriously guys, what the heck is wrong with you, Lions and tigers are big and strong, I know but they are not some 'superman' or the 'invincible dragon types'. The fight would be tough for the martial artist but eventually, the would win. I'll give you some proof too. The Afghan emperor Sher Shah Suri killed  a tiger in the Indian jungle with just his sword. So give me ONE reason that why can't these three work together and bring down the cat? Moreover, there have been many instances of men killing big cats with a sword so I'm pretty sure, 3 martial artists can do the job. Moreover, the bears would be difficult for the men but eventually, it would succumb to defeat. Animals are tough, I know but they are not 'super invincible'! C'mon guys, grow up!

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