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katherine wrote at 2012-08-10 18:50:15
I kind of disagree on what you said on 100 lb house cat vs german shepherd/rottweiler. I am pretty sure the cat can win as it would be bigger and better armed with sharp claws, which it can use to lash out when the german shepherd/rottweiler tries to bite.

spokes wrote at 2012-10-24 06:01:33
100 lb cat vs grey wolf- The cat's claws wont really deter the much stronger and powerful wolf from getting its bite on it. Wolves are predators and born killers/fighters. They have much stronger bites than domestic dogs and also have much better physical advantages. House Cats are also not as powerfully built nor robust as cougars or leopards. The cat wont have a chance. Lone grey wolves have brought down adult elks and deer.

100 lb cat vs german shepherd- The fight would be close, but the cat should have the upperhand. German shepherds are tough dogs that are really intelligent and sometimes aggressive, but the cat is the better armed/more agile/faster animal. The cat could use its claws to stop the german shepherd's mouth. Unlike wolves, german shepherds arent as powerful, strong, nor predatory.

100 lb cat vs rottweiler- Rottweilers have stronger bites than german shepherds and are also bigger, durable, and more robust. The cat has a chance due to its weaponary and exact size, but the rottweiler would eventually beat it.

100 lb cat vs lynx- Lynxes are powerful cats for their size, as they have hunted down wild boar much bigger themselves. However, the cat is more agile, much bigger, and also has a little longer forelimbs. The lynx could kill the house cat, but it is more likely the other way around.

100 lb cat vs wolverine- The wolverine's sheer aggression, strength, and durability could be too much. But if the cat did ambush it, it would have better chances to win as wolverines are only 35 lbs.

100 lb cat vs mandrill- The mandrill could win due to the fact it has powerful hands and really big canines that could tear the cat apart. The cat also has a chance due to being better armed and more predatory.  

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