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Interspecies Conflict/Large Asiatic black bears


bear fan wrote at 2012-08-09 19:29:31
I disagree.

The short strong claws and very powerful forelimbs of the asiatic black bear would be quite dangerous for the bengal tiger. Although asiatic black bears average 330 lbs and the bengal tiger averages 440 lbs, these black bears are known to be more carnivorous and aggressive than american black bears. This gives it a significant advantage.  

larissa wrote at 2012-08-22 05:34:49
Both have more chances than not to win. The bengal tiger wont be as powerfully built nor as durable as the asiatic black bear, and the asiatic black bear's aggression can keep the bengal tiger at bay as well. The bengal tiger has bigger canines, stronger bite force, more hunting experience, and agility also gives it an advantage. But size matters quite alot. The bengal tiger would quite bigger on average (440 lbs vs 350 lbs).  

dores wrote at 2012-08-27 06:26:43
An average asiatic black bear wont fare too well with a bengal tiger. It is simply not big enough to do much to the bengal tiger, although it has a strong upper built, aggressive, and is quite carnivorous. Bengal tigers average 440-450 lbs, as an average asiatic black bear is only 330 lbs. But if you are talking about a moderate american black bear at 450 lbs, then chances of it winning are much higher.

Three asiatic black bears can definitely take down a bengal tiger or a siberian tiger.

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thus wrote at 2012-10-28 06:31:45
Additional information

Asiatic black bears have been known to dominate over bengal tigers, but mainly smaller females. They also frequently have stolen kills from tigers whenever available, especially when the tiger isnt present. Asiatic black bears can be very aggressive towards humans, and have been known to attack them. They are said to be more carnivorous than the american black bear. Amur/Indian Leopards and sun bears have been chased off by asiatic black bears. It would be a different story with a a male bengal tiger. The asiatic black bear is around 300 lbs (roughly the size of an adult bengal tigress), as male bengal tigers can grow to the sizes of 570 lbs.

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