Interspecies Conflict/Herbivores 3


Muhamed wrote at 2012-12-15 18:13:07

Gorilla vs Sable Antelope-Likely the antelope.It would be to dangerous (especally since the gorilla is a none predatory animal)with those horns,and the sable antelope can grow heavier than even a very large silverback.Sable antelope could actually defend its self against lions.

Gaur vs Equal Sized Eland-Gaur.Much more robust, and more agressive.

Sable Antelope vs Elk-The Elk.The sable antelope maybe goodly armed but the elk is more so,and its heavier.

Muskox vs Common Eland-The Eland.Its heavier and more agile,And eland are pretty robust them selves.

Blue Wildebeest vs Hartebeest-Wildebeest.Heavier,and more robust.These are two very important advantages in herbivore vs herbivore battles.

Black Wildebeest vs Giant Panda-wildebeest.Its twice as and some times even more heavy.also its more more powerful and more conditioned to do battle.pandas are peacful herbivores who wouldnt have hunting experence.

Caribou vs Red Deer-The Red Deer.Its a very large deer,twice as heavy as a caribou.

Mule vs Wildebeest-Dont really know who to pick here.Mule are stronge equids and more heavier than wildebeest,althouh it lacks the weopanry and speed of the wildeest. I would say the wildebeest still. It would be better armed, and more agile which would allow it to make up for the size disadvantage.

Russian Wild Boar vs Giant Forest Hog-Boar problably.There more agressive than any other suin.

Okapi vs Anoa-Anoa.Better armed.

Giraffe vs Hippo-Problably the giraffe on land kicks its way to victory.It would be the only one getting shots on land.Although in the water the hippo would prevail being a better swimer.  

Uly wrote at 2013-03-25 06:24:26
The gorilla and the sable antelope attack each other, but if either one did, I would go with the gorilla. It is a very strong, intelligent, and large ape with two strong limbs. It could get a few rough injuries on the process.  

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