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Interspecies Conflict/North America vs china


endless sky wrote at 2012-09-10 23:15:00
I disagree with this expert's several answers.

2 grizzly bears vs yak- I am betting on the Yak against the grizzly bears. The yak's thick shaggy fur would protect it from the bears' bites and claws, and also the yak's big horns can cause serious injuries to the grizzly bears.

500 lb american black bear vs 700 lb siberian tiger- The siberian tiger should easily win. It is much larger than the american black bear, and is known to hunt the siberian brown bear.

Yak vs bison- The yak is better armed, has better protection, and is larger. It should win over the bison, but a bison's charge is still much more powerful than the yak's charge. Close to 50/50.  

crimmer wrote at 2012-09-11 23:52:39
I have to say something after this expert.

600 lb american black bear vs 400 lb siberian wild boar- The black bear can kill it due to its size and sheer strength. But the wild boar is massive here and can also do a lot of serious damage to the black bear. Close to 50/50, maybe.

American bison vs 10 chinese alligators in 10 ft of water- The chinese alligators, despite being much smaller than other crocodilians, would work together to drag the american bison underwater.

Coastal Brown bear vs water buffalo- The water buffalo is still much larger plus well armed and hence it would be able to defend itself from the bear.  

check wrote at 2012-12-12 08:24:31
Jim has nice answers, but theres some i kinda disagree.

The indochinese tiger would still win. It wont honestly be an easy fight, but it has the predatory instinct and agility to take the black bear out.

Grizzly bears are more aggressive than brown bears of siberia, but 90 kg is too much of a weight advantage to the siberian brown bear. I cant see it winning.

This is a massive siberian brown bear. It should be able to beat all the black bears with ferocity and size.

No amur leopard has a chance with 3 grey wolves comming at it. Even 1 could be a fair fight.

If the brown bear was experienced in taking on big prey, then it could possibly pull this off. But this is not likely, and the water buffalo should be able to counter it.

Yaks are rather sluggish animals and are slow too. A charge of a bison could well kill it.

I guarantee 3 180 kg black bears would beat a bull moose.

Same as the first answer, but much more of a chance of the black bear winning because of size.

Two large grizzly bears should kill the yak. It is true that yaks arent as powerful nor fast as buffalos or bisons.

Combined with the black bears weights, they should rule out the brown bear.

I agree this is a bad day for the mountain lion. 2 would be a fair fight, but 4 would destroy it.

The black bear, even at parity. Siberian tigers arent aggressive nor fast like other tiger species. They dont kill much big prey either.

The 50 kg alligators could tear apart the bison in water in this depth. It would take quite of time for them to do.

With 90 kg, I favor the tiger. It wont be too one sided because this tiger is not as formidable as other tigers.

I personally think this is a draw. The boar is too fast and too mobile, and the black bear isnt agile. But the black bear would have the weaponary and grappling advantage to deal with this prey.

Two 140 kg asiatic black bears wont beat a 330 kg american black bear. Three could probably do it.

I personally think 10 50 kg alligators should destroy the bison underwater. On land, they could all be crushed.  

Siddharth wrote at 2013-03-25 07:27:27
Reply to above answerer

1200 lb brown bear vs 3 400 lb black bears

The black bears would struggle to cooperate together, and they would definitely run away from a 1200 pound brown bear. More often than not, the brown bear would just easily scatter them apart.

1000 lb brown bear vs 3 600 lb black bears

If the black bears did work together, they could win. It would be very low chance for that to happen though.

bull moose vs 3 asiatic black bears

Bears wont really know how to work together. If they did, they can possibly kill the moose but that is unlikely.

2 1000 lb grizzly bears vs 2000 lb yak

Two huge grizzly bears can definitely kill the yak working together, but they would have difficulties cooperating.

Siberian tigers are not as aggressive as bengal tigers, but they are much more confrontational. A black bear wont beat a tiger at parity.

A huge tiger and an average black bear would totally lead to the tiger's win.  

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