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Hi again Jonathan hoe you had a mery christmas and a happy new year.Any ways at home i have a geoffry the giraffe doll and it got me thinkin about this question.If these animals did battle with a full grown bull giraffe how much of a fight would they be able to put up?I wouldnt expect any of these animals to win so i put it like that.

A)Mountain Gorilla



D)Russian Wild Boar(at largest weight)

E)Green Anaconda(At The Snakes Largest)

F)Chacma Baboon Troop

G)Kodiak Bear

H)Giant Anteater

I)Gray Wolf Pack


Hey again Trish! Lovely to hear from you, and apologies about the lateness of reply.

Let's get started:

1. Giraffe easily. Gorillas are powerful primates, but not at all strong enough to combat a Bull Elephant. They are not predators, and would have no idea how to tackle an animal of this size. Plus, any kick by those lead-like back legs of the Giraffe would easily crush a Gorilla's skull.

This is not a contest. The Gorilla can't overpower or hold the Giraffe in any way.

2. The Cougar is far too small. Although an athletic, powerful predator with superb agility that can overpower most large ungulates, it would have no idea how to take down prey of this size, and the size deficit is staggering. Any attempt to try and leap on the Giraffe would be futile, as it hasn't the leverage with its bodyweight to overpower the animal, and of course any kick would be fatal to the Cougar.

3. Same as above. It needs a multitude of Big Cats to take down a Bull Giraffe such as Lion Prides, where they can co-operate intelligently and combine their strength and athleticism to overpower the Giraffe.

A Jaguar is too out-matched here. They are agile, very robust and astute predators, but even the largest Jaguars (150kg) doesn't have the required muscle to bring this down single-handedly. The risks are far too great for any single Cat. Any defensive action from the Giraffe can kill them or at the very least give long-term injury.

Giraffe wins.

4. Giraffe. Even if the Boar charged with great impact, the Giraffe can deflect the animal with those crushing kicks.

5. It would be extremely hard for the Anaconda to encoil such a huge animal, and even if it did, would not be guaranteed to contain such a powerful, well-defended Bull Giraffe. As always, if the Giraffe managed to kick or stamp on the Snake's fragile head, then the contest is over.

6. Not a chance for the Baboons. They would have no idea how to cope with such an animal. Primates are smart too, and understand their limits. They would never attempt this.

7. What the Bear excels with in strength and sheer weaponry, it lacks experience in this battle. When Bears tackle prey such as Moose, Elk, they grapple them with their huge, clubbing forearms to overpower these animals. It is their preferred method, that would leave them at a disadvantage against the Giraffe.

Any attempt to try and grab the Giraffe's neck or head, could end very badly. The Giraffe can kick out forwards with the back legs too, so the danger is universal when tackling this animal. As heavy a constitution as the Bear has, any kick could break bones or even kill.

I favour the Giraffe.

8. Giraffe easily.

9. Wolves would be at a disadvantage here. Unlike Lions which can use their forelimbs offensively, Wolves cannot grab or use their forelimbs with any dexterity, and can only use their jaws as their weapon. Also, unlike Lions, they cannot leap and apply their collective bodyweight on the Giraffe, so therefore cannot overpower the animal.

Their best shot would be to try and out-last the Giraffe and wait for it to tired, and eventually start to ground itself. But the risks are too great for Wolves. They would be killed instantly by any one kick.

Great questions Trish!

Keep them coming,


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