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Primate vs canids or felines is a hot debate. How about humans vs canids and felines matchups?

1) 100 kg Tibetan mastiff vs 4 elite martial artists
2) 40 kg German shepherd vs 2 elite martial artists
3) 55 kg Brown hyena vs 4 elite martial artists
4) 190 kg Bengal tiger vs 12 elite martial artists
5) 190 kg Lion vs 11 elite martial artists
6) 90 kg Jaguar vs 9 elite martial artists
7) 65 kg Leopard vs 6 elite martial artists

Hey Rakshay! Nice to hear from you.

Okay, so 'Elite martial artists'. So we have to assume these artists are highly mobile, athletic, intelligent, opportunistic, endowed with huge strength by human standards and have great endurance. I'll understand this as the criteria when tackling these animals.

1. The elite martial artists easily. This is a huge dog, but it's domestic. The levels of aggression are much lower than any wild canid, and it has limited weaponry as it can only use its jaws to attack. 4 highly skilled men would easily be able to out-flank the dog, focus on weak areas such as eyes, ears, genitals, and would be able to eventually out-manever and contain the animal.

2) Same as above.

3) Now this is more difficult of course. The Hyena is completely wild, with an innate high level of aggression when threatened, has a high level of endurance and has potent weaponry in those jaws. That said however, 4 highly skilled humans would be able to contain and gradually overpower the Hyena. Serious injuries could occur though.

4. A Tiger of this size could wipe out half of these men very easily. Tigers are exceptionally aggressive, have amazing agility and reflexes (far superior to any human) and have weaponry that can kill instantly, either with those piercing jaws or those razor-sharped claws.

I can't see the men winning. A Tiger would be able to overpower them in seconds, and without any real weaponry (guns, knives, spears, etc, etc), how are they going to impact on the Tiger? They would be absolutely obliterated.

5. Same as above. Unless they have weaponry, or extremely co-operative and expertly meticulous in how to defeat the cat, they would be completely overwhelmed.

6. A 90kg Jaguar is extremely formidable, with similar and in some cases greater strengths (Bite force) than both the Lion and Tiger, but at this size, it's physical constitution and potential for damage is slightly lessened.

9 Skilled men can win this is they apply immaculate team-work, and expose the Jaguar's weak areas, and out-flank and gradually weaken the cat. Deaths will occur however.

7. Same as above, but slighter easier for the humans.

Great, great questions Rakshay!

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