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Interspecies Conflict/domestic dogs vs mustelid champions


Hello Jonathan,

European Badger, Honey Badger & Wolverine are "mustelid champions", no doubt.. I find it hard to believe that any of them would lose a fair fight to ANY breed of domesticated dog (being at a neutral environment, both animals male, healthy and at their prime, no way out, intention to kill). I believe all these mustelids would win against any dog for being wild animals, tireless in combat, durable and strong out of proportion to their respective sizes AND both fearless & ferocious in battle. Also, sharp & strong claws make a difference imo.. In your opinion, which dog breed is more suitable for such a fight? I'd say American Pit Bull Terrier or Anatolian Shepherd.. If in your expertise, you find another breed more suitable, please answer for that one instead of my suggestions..

Wolverine VS APBT
Wolverine VS Anatolian Shepherd

Honey Badger VS APBT
Honey Badger VS Anatolian Shepherd

European Badger VS APBT
European Badger VS Anatolian Shepherd

Many thanks in advance.!

Hey Jim! Lovely to hear from you.

Yes, the medium-size to large mustelids are very formidable opponents, far stronger, more resilient, better armed and much more aggressive than domestic dogs. Domestic dogs can seem aggressive to us humans, but the reality is that they are usually far inferior to wild animals, and especially wild predators, no matter how large and ferocious they appear to us.

1. The Wolverine would win this. Wolverines are extremely robust Mustelids, with a broad torso, muscular neck and very dense skin, ideal for combat which enables them to withstand blows and their constitution thus allows them the stamina to repeatedly launch attacks without tiring. They are also equipped with serious weaponry, with sharp claws and piercing fangs that they attack with high-octane speed and ferocity, capable of deep, even fatal lacerations and bites. Plus they have the ability to use their forelimbs in battle, which dogs cannot facilitate.

Pit Bulls are very tenacious domestic dogs, but they are far less endowed with muscle, weaponry and their levels of aggression are not as heightened, nor are they durable enough in battle with a truly wild predator. The Dog's lack of dual weaponry would make it extremely difficult to counter attacks without suffering serious injury.

2. Now the Anatolian Shepherd can grow much larger than a Pit Bull, so the Wolverine on average would be greatly out-weighed. That said, the fearless ferocity of a Wolverine is extremely potent, able to intimidate groups of Wolves and even Bears, because they present a relentless, intimidating force of aggression.

I doubt the Wolverine would try and kill the dog, but it could certainly intimidate the Shepherd away. Domestic dogs don't have great predatory instincts, so any attempts to attack the Wolverine head on could place it in very great danger. Wolverines are exceptionally strong in the shoulders, giving them tremendous leverage to grasp and grapple animals. If the Wolverine managed to clamp onto the Shepherd, it would be able to overpower or at least maintain the dog with its amazing strength.

3. I think the sheer resilience and level of aggressive would be enough to deter the Pit Bull. Honey Badger's aren't as large or physically compact as Wolverines or Badgers, but they are perhaps even more aggressive considering their size. They are also very agile, launching attacks with great speed, putting emphasis on their sharp claws and jagged teeth.

Pit Bulls pale when it comes to weaponry, speed, aggression, defensive ability etc.

4. I think the Honey Badger would force a retreat here.

5. Same as question 1. European Badgers are less aggressive, but they are still large enough, equipped with very dense and resistant hides and strong musculature, and their weaponry is just far superior.

6. They are much smaller, but Badgers are again better equipped and more aggressive, capable of inflicting deadly injury to a domestic dog. I doubt it'd be a determined battle as no predator relishes a confrontation with another animal much larger, but the Badger can intimidate and defend itself against the dog. One rake of its paws would rip a Dog's eye out, so they are very well respected in the animal world.

Thanks for the great questions Jim! Keep them coming!


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