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Hi BK, I'd like very much for you to answer some fight questions!

1: Imagine a wild boar with all the normal characteristics of a boar, but that also has a massive nasal horn like a rhino, circa 200 kg. It is also exceptionally vicious like a Cape buffalo and is determined to fight to the death in every case. How would it do against the following animals at normal weights:

b--Grizzly bear
c--Fighting bull
e--Female elephant
d--Three of these against a musth elephant

2: Black rhino vs. hippo at average weights, if both are determined to fight to the death

3: Black rhino vs. my rhino-boar from question 1, at parity

4: Two huge (300 kg) prime male boars vs. a hippo on land

5: Three elite Spanish fighting bulls vs. a musth elephant on crystal meth

6: Ten of my rhino-boars vs. an Argentinosaurus

Thanks a bunch! Have fun!

Hello Martin.

The primary weapon of a wild boar is its tusks.  It can slash at opponents with them from various angles, but having a rhino horn fixed on its head might impede some of this movement.  The boar won't be as strong as an equal-sized rhino would be, and wouldn't be able to drive the horn home with the same level of force (the boar would be quicker, though).  The addition of the horn would be good in one way and bad in another.  Although it (horn) would be a new weapon, it would diminish the effectiveness of the incumbent ones (tusks).  The horn wouldn't be that much of an upgrade (but the viciousness  & determination would be).

enhanced boar vs tiger: Depends on the tiger. Whichever tiger is used will need to be close to the boar's weight or greater.  The tiger's ability to grab onto the boar with its paws & claws and still mount an offense with its jaws & teeth is a huge asset for the cat.  Siberian & Bengal tigers would be large enough to pull this off, but the other subspecies would likely be too small.

enhanced boar vs grizzly bear: Like the tiger, the grizzly would need to be in the ballpark of the suid's weight to win.  Most grizzlies are.  A typical grizzly would be able to immobilize the boar with its powerful paws and bring the boar to the ground or bite it.

enhanced boar vs fighting bull: The bull would weigh 3 times more than the boar, and would overwhelm it.  Spanish fighting bulls are fierce & powerful, and can cause grave injuries with their forward-pointing horns.

enhanced boar vs hippo: The hippo will be too large for the boar to seriously injure.  The boar might be quick enough to avoid getting trampled or chomped for a short amount of time, but if the boar tries to sustain its attack it will inevitably put itself in range of the hippo's offense.

enhanced boar vs female elephant: No contest here.  The elephant will be huge in comparison, and will easily be able to crush the boar once it came into range.

3 enhanced boars vs elephant in musth: Even the African forest elephant would prevail in this contest.  The boars would not be able to cause enough damage in the time it would take the elephant to finish them.  The boars would be trying to impale the elephant with their horns, but wouldn't be large or strong enough to do this with great force.  The elephant would be very aggressive, and would have little trouble dispatching the boars as it charged into them one-by-one.

average black rhinoceros vs average hippopotamus: If this contest occurs on land, the black rhinoceros will prevail more times than not.  The hippopotamus will be twice as heavy, but it won't be able to make the same movements on land as well as the rhino.  Rhinos are adapted to a terrestrial lifestyle, and their legs are solid enough to support their weight and allow it to make powerful lunges and turns to effectively use their 1.5 meter-long frontal horn.  Hippos legs are smaller in comparison to their large bodies, and they can't carry the load of the hippo's body for extended periods of time without fatiguing the animal.  Hippos have large jaws and tusk-like teeth that can cause quick, fatal wounds, but it will have a hard time reaching any vital area on the tough-skinned rhino without being met with the long, sharp horn.  The rhinoceros will have greater reach with its weapon, and can use it offensively while avoiding the chompers of the hippo.  The hippopotamus would have a better chance in shallow water once the water took some of the load off of its legs, but the rhino would still have a chance as long as its mobility wasn't impeded by the water depth.  If the hippo avoids the initial horn attack and gets a good bite in, it has a chance to turn the tables.  On land the black rhinoceros has a pretty decent edge, but a battle in water would be closer to 50/50 (depending on the depth).

black rhinoceros vs enhanced boar (at parity): Wild boars have cartilage in areas under their skin that help protect it from attack, but the black rhino's horn can be driven right through it.  At parity the rhinoceros will be stronger, and will be able to drive its horn with more force than the boar.  The boar will have a quickness advantage, but it won't be enough to offset the injuries it will receive soon after the onset of the fight.  The boar might show enough aggression to drive the black rhinoceros away, but if both are determined to fight, the rhino will overpower the boar.  There are very few herbivores that can compete with a rhinoceros (white or black) at parity.  The boar will put a good fight initially, but it can't dish out as much damage as the stronger rhino can.  Black rhinoceros wins.

2 prime boars (300kg each) vs hippopotamus (on land): The hippopotamus will weigh about 6 times as much as each boar, and will be over 25% taller at the shoulder.  Hippos lose their territorial ferocity once they venture out onto land, and might be driven away by these huge boars in a realistic confrontation.  If both parties are determined to rumble, the boars should be quick enough to avoid the front end of the hippopotamus and attack it from the sides.  The tusks of the boars can cause problems for the hippo (and can penetrate its skin), but the boars will need an accumulation of slashes to disable it.  The hippopotamus can make quick turns with its head, however, and any boar getting close enough to it jaws will be finished in one chomp.  The boars probably won't have the know-how to form any kind of a strategy other than "charge & slash" and might not be able to divide the hippo's attention.  Because the boars don't have the ability to leap upon the hippo (no vertical movement), the chances of one of them getting caught by the hippo (trampled or bitten) at some point as they continue their attack is decent (and then the hippo can turn its attention to the remaining boar).  Even though the hippopotamus is much, much larger than the boars, this would not be a one-sided fight.  However, more times than not, the hippopotamus will prevail.

3 elite spanish fighting bulls vs elephant in musth & on crystal meth: There's a few things to consider with this one.  Not sure how crystal meth will affect an elephant (prolonged use might make his tusks fall off?), but it is a stimulant that could possibly send an elephant in musth into hyperdrive (or induce cardiac arrest).  It's likely the introduction of this drug into an elephant would impede its functionability & sensibility.  I can't accurately answer this question without removing the crystal meth from the equation.  An African or Asian elephant with the intent of ill will toward 3 Spanish fighting bulls will easily dispatch them in a short amount of time.  Even the smaller African forest elephant will weigh about 4 times as much as each bull, and can seriously injure each bovid with any intentional impact.  Each elephant could pull this off without being in musth.  Elephant wins.

10 enhanced boars vs Argentinosaurus: Argentinosaurus would weigh approximately 40 times more than all 10 boars combined!  For a weight ratio comparison, imagine 10 housecats attacking a giraffe.  The boars' attacks would be mere annoyances at first, but they could cause injuries after a lot of time expired (all injuries would be to areas on the dinosaur well below the knee) if the Argentinosaurus just stood there.  Any movement by the Argentinosaurus would have the potential to produce an impact of significant concussive force to the boars, whether intentional or accidental.  The huge dinosaur could easily step on them, and a swing from its tail would easily wipe out any boar it hit.  These aggressive boars could pester the Argentinosaurus into a retreat with persistence, but they would have no feasible way to defeat it if it decided to defend itself.  Argentinosaurus wins.

Very interesting questions!
Best regards.

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