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Interspecies Conflict/Fossa male vs Fischer Cat


Both fully matured, both ready for all out combat,  who wins and why please

Hello David.

Your question was sent to the question pool; hope you don't mind if I answer it.

male fossa vs fisher cat:

The fossa is the largest land carnivore of Madagascar.  It resembles a small brown cougar, and can weigh up to 12kg.  It feeds primarily on lemurs, but will attack pigs, chickens, and other domesticated animals.  It has a muscular, powerful body, and a round head with short jaws.  It is an excellent leaper & climber.

The fisher (or fisher cat) is a North American mustelid famous for its ability to predate on porcupines.  Its thick fur gives it a stocky appearance, and it weighs up to 8.2kg.  It has a broad head & a pointed snout.  The fisher preys on terrestrial animals (and not fish).

The fossa is almost 50% heavier than the fisher.  The fossa's jaws are larger as well.  A battle between the fossa and the fisher would favor the fossa.  Both animals have similar abilities, but the larger fossa has greater agility & a more dangerous bite.  A fisher (like most mustelids) is a fierce, capable fighter, but it's giving up too much weight here.  A better opponent from the mustelid family for the fossa would be the American badger (I would still favor the fossa slightly).

Fossa wins.

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