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Hello Jonathan,
excuse my question: what would happen if a domestic turkey met a rat? I mean if they fought each other, who would win?

Hello Emanuele.

Your question was sent to the question pool; hope you don't mind if I pick it up.

domestic turkey vs rat:

Wild turkeys can attain weights of 10kg, and domestic ones can exceed this weight (11-14kg or even more).  Turkeys fight by aggressively kicking forward with their legs and using their beaks to peck & bite.  Groups of domestic turkeys will surround an invading snake (even a venomous one), and take turns striking the serpent with their talons & beaks (jumping back to avoid strikes) until it is exhausted trying to defend itself (at which time the turkeys kill it).  Once domestic turkeys are placed in a fence or enclosure, they become very territorial and will defend the area from intruders.

Perhaps the most common rat is the brown rat, so we'll use it.  The brown rat can reach almost 1kg in weight.  They are very quick & agile, and can bite with their sharp incisors.

A domestic turkey would be favored over a brown rat in an altercation.  The turkey would be over 10 times as heavy.  The rat would be quick enough to retreat if it needed to, but it would be kicked & pecked if it came close enough to bite the bird.  A larger rodent (like a paca) would likely be needed to compete with a domestic turkey.

Domestic turkey wins.

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