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hi there bk.large male polar bear vs large male moose.and a wolverine vs the toughest game bred fighting dog you can think of.thanks again bk:)

Hello, Chris.

Polar bear vs Moose: A large bull moose will weigh slightly more than a polar bear (even though polar bears don't weigh as much now as they once did).  Polar bears are very powerful carnivores that tackle large prey (walruses, begula whales, etc.), and don't deal with mobile prey heavier than a muskox (900lb).  However, they have the tools to defeat a bull moose as long as the cervid doesn't have too great a weight advantage.  The moose has an impressive set of antlers that can be used as a barrier or a plow against a bear, and it can drive forward with a lot of force.  The tines on the edges of the antlers are sharp, and cause injury.  The polar bear would likely try to grab the moose from the front to neutralize the head & antlers, and then use its great strength to wrestle the moose to the ground.  In a realistic encounter the moose would probably succeed in driving the bear away, but a determined polar bear would probably prevail more times than not.  Edge to polar bear.

Wolverine vs Game-bred fighting dog: Wolverines are one of the strongest land mammals pound-for-pound, and their ferocity is legendary.  They typically don't exceed 30lb in weight, but larger ones can weigh over 40lb.  Wolverines have sharp teeth & claws, and thick fur that protects them well in conflicts.  Their bite force enables them to crunch through frozen meat & bone, and their powerful forepaws can claw with great effect.  There are few animals in a wolverine's weight range that can compete with it in a tussle.  There are many formidable fighting dogs out there, and many (Tosas, Bully Kuttas, Presa Canarios, Kangals, American bulldogs, etc.) have a serious weight advantage over the wolverine and would probably overwhelm it.  The American pitbull terrier is probably among the most formidable dogs pound-for-pound, and usually weighs around 65lb.  It is very strong, relentless, & durable.  It attacks by rushing in to land a bite (usually on the neck or face), and not letting go.  If it isn't outweighed, it will use its muscular body to violently shake its head side-to-side to increase the damage caused by its jaws.  Weighing around 50% more than the wolverine, the pitbull would probably be too much for the mustelid to handle.  The pitbull would likely rush in and try to latch onto the wolverine, and the wolverine would probably roll on its back, grab & claw with its paws, and bite the canine with its jaws.  The pitbull will fight on despite injury, and would likely wear the wolverine down with its attack.  The Staffordshire bull terrier is very similar in build & ability as the American pitbull terrier, but it is smaller.  The Staffy is similar in size to the wolverine, and would be close to an even match for it.  Because of the wolverine's flexibility & use of its paws to grab, I would give it the slightest of edges over a Staffy.    

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