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I create another species , called the golden wolf ,
Lives in Africa , up to groups of 30,
Males avg. weight 160lbs females 135-140lbs
Bite force 900lbs
Gold color , males have a little mane around neck & chest not a big mane like a lion though
4 alphas to a pack 2 males(usually brothers) & 2 females (usually sisters) males & female alphas never related though
Male golden wolf vs hyena
Vs chimp
Vs chacma baboon
3golden wolves vs silverback gorilla

& how would they fare in Africa with the other predators

Hello Anthony.

golden wolf vs hyena: A male golden wolf will weigh slightly more than the hyena if it is a female spotted hyena.  Wolves have better lateral movement than spotted hyenas (who are somewhat ungainly), and the golden wolf's bite force is almost as strong.  The golden wolf will be able to land more bites overall than the spotted hyena will, but the durable hyena will be harder to injure than the wolf will.  Hyenas have survived attacks from lions & leopards, and its toughness will be a slightly better advantage than the quicker movement of the golden wolf.  Very close fight, but edge to the spotted hyena.  Just to cover all bases, the golden wolf would defeat the smaller hyenas (brown & striped).

golden wolf vs chimpanzee: I would favor a regular grey wolf to defeat a chimpanzee at parity, and the golden wolf will be be an upgrade with its bite force & larger size.  The golden wolf will weigh slightly more than the chimp (20%), but its bite & predatory know-how will trump the grabbing hands & bite of the ape.  The chimpanzee doesn't have the ability to finish another animal in a battle (one-on-one) nearly as well as a golden wolf does.  Golden wolf wins.

golden wolf vs chacma baboon: A large chacma baboon can approach 90lbs in weight.  Baboons have great lateral & vertical movement, and are armed with upper canines that can be driven into the body of adversaries to create serious wounds.  As dangerous as baboons are, they don't have a sure-fire solution for an attacking animal twice its weight seizing it in large jaws with a 900lb bite force.  The golden wolf will probably sustain injuries (most animals that attack baboons do), but it should dispatch the smaller animal.  Golden wolf wins.

3 golden wolves vs silverback gorilla: A big silverback gorilla will weigh almost as much as all 3 wolves combined, but it will be in trouble.  Wolves work well as a team, and will attack the ape from all sides until they wear it out.  The golden wolves will be nimble enough to avoid the clubbing arms, grabbing hands, & strong bite of the gorilla.  The gorilla isn't accustomed to taking on multiple adversaries (or single adversaries of a different species), and will not have the know-how to get the upper hand in this situation.  Eventually the gorilla will succumb to blood loss/shock.  2 golden wolves would actually have a chance to succeed here, but 3 certainly will.  Golden wolves win.

Q: How would golden wolves fare in Africa with the other predators?
A: Golden wolves would find a similar niche as African hunting dogs, but with much larger individuals in the pack.  The gold-colored coat would offer camouflage akin to the tawny hides of lions, and their strong bites would make scavenging easy if needed (to crush carcass bones & rip hide).  The only challenges to a golden wolf pack would be a large lion pride, a hyena clan with more members & an extremely large African wild dog clan.  Individual wolves would have trouble with the leopard & the spotted hyena.  Against an equal-sized hyena clan, the wolves would use their greater lateral movement & teamwork to dominate the encounter.  The golden wolf pack would need to be wary of lions, because a large pride would be able to reduce the pack's population quite readily in a struggle.  The golden wolves would be able to chase & wear down many prey items, and buffalo, eland, zebra, wildebeest, ostrich, kudu, etc. would be on the menu.  The golden wolves would be similar to hyena-sized African wild dogs in ability & behavior, and would be at the top of the food chain with lions.  Animals like cheetahs, chimpanzees, baboons, ratels, rock pythons, jackals, caracals, servals, etc. would need to avoid a golden wolf pack on the prowl.

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