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Interspecies Conflict/APBT vs. Central Asian Ovcharka


Hi, hypothetically speaking of course, who would win in a fight if I were to fight a game bred APBT with a game bred central asian ovcharka? I know that the CAO is probably much stronger that the APBT, but the APBT is probably more agile than the CAO.


Hello Roger.

American Pit Bull Terrier vs Central Asian Ovcharka:  The American pit bull terrier is probably among the most formidable dogs pound-for-pound, and usually weighs around 65lb.  It is extremely strong, relentless, & durable.  It attacks by rushing in to land a bite (usually on the neck or face), and not letting go.  If it isn't outweighed, it will use its muscular body to violently shake its head side-to-side to increase the damage caused by its jaws.  Even if it is injured during a confrontation, it will continue to battle savagely.  The Central Asian Ovcharka is a very large, powerful dog with a wide head & blunt muzzle.  It has been used to guard livestock, and defend the flock from animals like bears & wolves.  It won't back down from a conflict, and is often dog-aggressive.  The CAO has great endurance, and can weigh well over 150lb.  The APBT has the ability to defeat most dogs well above its weight range, but a much larger, skilled dog can present problems for it.  Many dogs weighing over 150lb would be overpowered by the strength & ferocity of the American pit bull terrier, but the Central Asian Ovcharka isn't one of them.  The CAO will have the moxie to battle the APBT at a high level, and use its own strength & larger bite to keep from getting overwhelmed.  A small handful of dogs the size of the CAO would be favored against a APBT, and the CAO itself is right on the cusp of being one of them.  The athletic APBT can wear down most larger dogs with its unrelenting attack & great power, but the endurance of the CAO will allow it to hang in there & counter-attack effectively enough to have a chance to prevail.  The Central Asian Ovcharka may not be as skilled (pound-for-pound) in canine combat as as American pit bull terrier, but its skill level (combined with the fact it can weigh over 2.5 times as much as the APBT) is high enough to favor it over the pitbull more times than not.  Edge to the Central Asian Ovtcharka.

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