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Hello BK, just three questions:

1) Medium and maximum weight of a male banteng. Are they more aggressive than the gaur?

2) Water buffalo vs Kodiak bear (medium sized males).

3) In my country (Portugal) our Christmas dinner is, traditionally, cod. So, what about this fight:
cod vs turkey (medium sized males) in shallow water.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you!

Hello Antonio.  Happy holidays to you!

1) A male banteng averages around 700-800kg, and can peak at 900kg.  The banteng is typically shy by nature, and although it is capable of aggressive behavior (as all bovids are), I would rank it slightly below the gaur in terms of aggression.

2) Water buffalo vs Kodiak bear: The Kodiak bear will weigh about 60% of the water buffalo's weight.  Water buffalo have long, curved horns that are sloped back and almost form a circle.  Kodiak bears are very strong animals with large claws, and their paw swipes are a dangerous part of their arsenal.  The smaller bear will run into some problems against a buffalo this big (might not be strong enough to hold it & control it; won't have the lateral movement to dodge a charge).  The Kodiak bear can win, but its chances aren't great.  The water buffalo will bulldoze it on most occasions.  Water buffalo wins.

3) Cod vs turkey (in shallow water): An Atlantic codfish can reach 25kg in weight (extensive fishing has reduced its size), which is about double the weight of a domestic (or wild) turkey.  There isn't a water depth that will be fair to both participants.  Water shallow enough for the turkey to kick effectively will be too shallow for the cod to move about, and water deep enough to enable decent mobility for the cod will be too deep for the turkey to kick (and perhaps walk) effectively in.  Turkeys can peck in a conflict, but might have difficulty striking a cod in water of an adequate swimming depth due to the fish's mobility.  The bite of a cod this size might be more effective than the peck of a turkey in this contest, but the pecks will probably occur more frequently.  The cod will need adequate mobility to be favored (otherwise it can't counter the turkey's attack).  With this conflict, the depth of the water will determine the outcome.

Best regards.  

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