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Interspecies Conflict/Face-off of land predators


hey Saad
Can you compare the mobility of a hyena with that of a wolf(gait, agility, etc) ?
Can an anaconda crush turtle shells?
In a battle between a tiger and a komodo dragon, would it be fast enough to avoid getting bitten long enough to kill the lizard?
African wild dog vs coyote
African wild dog vs dingo
dingo vs coyote
sumatran rhino vs bison
wild yak vs bison
sumatran rhino vs yak
cougar vs leopard
tasmanian devil vs honey badger
polar bear vs kodiak bear
lion vs tiger at parity
racoon vs fossa
thylacosmilus vs marsupial lion

Hello Johney,

Question no.1: Can you compare the mobility of a hyena with that of a wolf(gait, agility, etc) ?

Ans: Yes, hyenas have a lot of stamina and are suited for long distance chases, much like the wolves but there is a prominent difference. Canids have a vulnerable body, unlike hyenas, they do not posses the same level of durability. Hyenas on the other hand are a lot more durable but this is where the difference starts. The hyena, due to being more durable and being more 'hard to kill', has led it to become a little bit 'clumsy'. They do not have the suppleness of the wolf, thanks to their powerful bodies. Wolves on the other hand are more vulnerable to injury due to having lighter frame but are more lithe than the hyena. Look at videos of both of them running and you'll get it yourself.

Question no. 2: Can an anaconda crush turtle shells?

Ans. The coils of the anaconda are meant to saffocate animals that are soft bodied, like those without thick hide or armour. But I remember watching a show in which it was shown that coils of the anaconda have the strength of 9000lbs per square inch! But again, that's not it's purpose and the anaconda has a body that is suited to suffocate, not directly crush it's victim. So I don't think it's possible.

Question no.3: In a battle between a tiger and a komodo dragon, would it be fast enough to avoid getting bitten long enough to kill the lizard?

Ans: All cats have quick flexes and tigers are no exception. From where I see, I think that the Komodo has little chance of biting the tiger which is used to dealing with other predators.

Question no.4: African wild dog vs coyote

Ans: African hunting dog. It has more experience in killing large prey, dealing with other large carnivores and is larger.

Question no. 4: African wild dog vs dingo

Ans: Same as above but it is a tougher fight.

Question no. 5: sumatran rhino vs bison

Ans: Difficult one.Sumatran rhinos are smaller and their horns are not as dangerous as those of other species. Whereas the bison can hold it's own it with an array of attacks. But the rhino has the typical thick skin and has better balance (due to shorter size) so is would overwhelm the bison.

Question no. 6: wild yak vs bison

Ans: Another difficult one. Both animals share one thing over the other. The yak is bigger but the bison is more aggressive. But my point of view says that the bison, being more aggressive and prone to fighting, unlike the usually docile yak takes the victory here.

Question no. 7:  sumatran rhino vs yak

Ans: Rhino. I don't think I need to elaborate.

Question no. 8: cougar vs leopard

Ans: Cougars are bigger and stronger than leopards. Cougars and leopards are similarly built though leopards have a pound for pound a bigger bite force while cougars have a body better equipped for combat. Moreover, Leopards are more aggressive than cougars, despite the fact that they typically avoid confrontations but when cornered, they actually can put up a fierce fight. But cougars are again, bigger so this makes it a difficult fight. I would have favored the leopard at parity but here, I'm giving the victory to the bigger cougar.

Question no. 9: tasmanian devil vs honey badger

Ans: Tasmanian devils are highly aggressive and pack a nasty bite. But ratels though, lack the bite, possess thick hide, a good bite force and dangerous claws, along with bigger size and greater strength. It surely has the victory here.

Question no. 10: polar bear vs kodiak bear

Ans: Both bears are of similar size but there are differences. The polar bear's body is stronger and is more suited for swimming than the kodiac's and is more streamlined. But Kodiac bears are stronger in the shoulder region, giving them more powerful swipes. Moreover, kodiacs are also very aggressive and confrontational as compared to polar bear so I name it the victor.

Question no. 11: lion vs tiger at parity

Ans: Lions are not as good in hunting as tigers are but are better fighters. Lone lions have been known to take own and drive away two three lions at a time but tigers typically avoid confrontations (that does not mean that they don't fight at all). But tigers posses greater strength, speed and bite force; I'll not elaboratee. Besides, the mane of the lion does not actually help it in combat, it's just to intimidate and choosing mates. But again, after a tough fight, the tiger should be the winner.

Question no. 12: racoon vs fossa

Answer: Fossas are more predatory and though not usually sggressive, they have been known to fight quite fiercely, should sitation demand. So it has the victory here.

Question no. 13: thylacosmilus vs marsupial lion

Ans: Both animals are roughly evenly matched but the lion's huge bite force will decimate the thylacosmilus sooner or later.

Hope that helped.
Don't hesitate to ask again.

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