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Snow Leopard   vs   African Leopard (equal weights)
Snow Leopard   vs   Puma (equal weights)
African Leopard   vs   Puma (equal weights)

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1. Snow Leopards pound for pound are very powerful felids. They have exceptional width on their forelimbs which give them tremendous leverage in battle, and they're also highly athletic, agile and very robust felines.

That said, I would favour the African Leopard. Leopards are intensely physical cats. Their necks are thick with muscle, their limbs compact, tailor made for athleticism and power. Their aggression is by far superior to the Snow Leopard too. Leopards have to encounter all sorts of dangers in the wild- Lions, Hyena, Wild Dogs, other Leopards, and are hardened for battle and survival. Snow Leopards in comparison live isolated lives for the most part, unburdened by intense predator interaction which has not embedded in them this primal ferocity that a Leopard has. When you look at a Leopard, it's all grit.

I'd favour the Leopard in terms of willingness and endurance in battle, plus it's more robust, imposing physique.

2. Interesting. I may have to favour the Snow Leopard at equal sizes. Pumas are agile and relatively robust felids, but they aren't physically the most imposing of species. Most of their muscle is generated and built around their hind quarters, that allows them great flexibility and agility, but they aren't as muscular and robust in their upper body.

That said, aggression would favour the Puma. But physically a Snow Leopard is superior at equal weights.

3. See question 1. Leopards and Pumas are often comparable felids, but the Leopard's more robust physique and high levels of aggression would probably prevail. Leopards don't like to fight, but when they do they are highly skilled and very dangerous.

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