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Cheetahs aren't the greatest fighters in the world(built for speed) and will usually back down from a conflict to avoid injury(getting hurt might limit their hunting abilities).  However, if a cheetah HAD to fight, how do you think it would fare against these opponents?  Face-to-face; no ambush.

cheetah   vs   african wild dog
cheetah   vs   olive baboon
cheetah   vs   eurasian lynx
cheetah   vs   wolverine
cheetah   vs   clouded leopard
cheetah   vs   arabian leopard


Hey Brad! Thanks for the questions! Cheetahs are my favorite mammal so I may be biased but I will do my best to answer fairly!

1. This goes to the Cheetah 7/10 purely based off its size and weight advantage but at parity the African Wild Dog will give it a run for its money for sure!

2. A lopsided matchup. Olive Baboons even with a size disadvantage would dominate a Cheetah. Its ferocity and aggressiveness would overwhelm it.

3. A closer fight, which mostly depends on the individuals. A Lynx has such will power and drive to fight, I think once again the Cheetah doesnt know what its getting into .

4. Cheetah escapes with victory although it will have some injuries.

5. Again depends on individuals, Clouded Leopards have massive canines and could if in the right spot at the right time could get a quick kill but if in a prolonged fight the Cheeetah will long outlast the Leopard.

6. Hm somewhat the same as before with the Arabian Leopard having a slightly better chance than the Couded Leopard. The Leopard would be dominant at parity.

Well hope I answered your questions! Keep asking!


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