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Hey Robert, hows it goin. Just got some questions about exactly what a man is capable of. Lets get started:
With a 100 kg shredded man, can fight decently:
vs. bobcat
vs mountain lion
vs. cheetah
vs. wolf
(^ average size of  subspecies most commonly known)
With a 120 lb (roughly 51 kg) teen, well muscled (can maybe bench 100 lbs?) can fight decently:
vs abpt
vs. large housecat (with same agility and speed of small cats)
vs. ocelot
vs. smaller gsd
vs. raccoon
vs honey badger

What makes a human so inferior to wild animals in terms of fighting. Don't we have a major advantage in flexibility, intelligence, and posable thumbs?
P.S. In all cases human is unarmed
Sorry for so many questions

Hey Hasnain! Great topic, its extremely intresting to think about! So lets get started.

1. Man takes it here, it will most likely corner the bobcat, forcing it to attack, but overpowers it easily.

2.  Mountain Lion easily their pounce is far too powerful for a 100kg man to handle.

3. I give it the Man 6/10 in a surprisingly bloody close matchup

4. Wolves are far to aggressive especially if trapped for man to handle. Wolf takes it.

Okay a teenager at 120lbs benching 100lbs is extremely weak so to make these closer may i bump it up to around 130 lbs?
If not it will lose all except for a large housecat.

1. Hm I believe the teen can take it fairly easily as long as he is scared and also it depends on the size and aggressiveness of the dog

2. and 3. Teen takes it because his thumbs if he gets ahold of one its game over the kitties.

4. Look back at number 1

5. The closest of the 5 and also the teens first loss, the honey badger will take out the teens legs early and leave him completely defenseless.

Good Questions keep em coming! Remember theres never too many questions! Thanks


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