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Hi Robert

harpy eagle vs 2mt boa constrictor
lappet faced vulture vs condor
condor vs maned wolf
maned wolf vs common rhea
maned wolf vs coyote
maned wolf vs fox
siberian tiger vs group of peccary (they escape or fight? what is the number of peccary for win?)
grizzly bear vs group of peccary (the same)
lion pride vs group of peccary (the same)

thank you

Hello Fedrico thank you for your questions! Now lets get to it!

1. Harpy Eagle, it would rip these constrictors to shreds, they are known for carrying off extremely large prey, deer, capybara and others. I find this match up unfair

2. The Vulture takes it here over powering the Condor in what would be a close fight.

3. Condor, I cannot picture the Wolf grabbing the condor out flight, It would be a bloody fight with the Condor coming out on top.

4. Maned Wolf just off of predatory instincts, The wolf would come out with some very serious injuries but also as the victor.

5. At parity, a Maned Wolf will put in a good fight but the Coyete would take it. The Coyete has such aggressiveness when cornered or in real danger and this gives it the edge.

6. Same as above. But it also depends on the individual. Fox 6/10 (At parity!)

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