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hi there bk.this is a hypothetical question as these two animals would never come across each other in the how about a 1000lb male kodiak bear vs a giant 30 ft green anaconda,on land and in shallow water?i ask this question as i've seen documentaries on anacondas and they make these snakes out to be invincible,my guess is the bear would win easily, way too large and powerful.good to have a second opinion though. many thanks bk:)

Hello Chris.

On land: The bear has several advantages here.  Kodiak bears are very powerful animals, armed with large claws and sharp teeth.  This weaponry would enable the bear to inflict serious injuries to the snake.  A green anaconda reaching 30ft in length would still weigh significantly less than the 1000lb Kodiak bear.  Anacondas are adept ambush predators, but they offer a lot less in terms of fighting prowess when faced with another large animal without the benefit of a surprise attack.  Anacondas are rather sluggish on land, and they tire quickly.  Bears have phenomenal endurance, and it serves them well in conflicts.  Many animals that are attacked by anacondas don't have the means to free themselves once the coils of the snake start wrapping it up, but such is not the case with a 1000lb bear.

In shallow water:  Here the green anaconda can make a much better account of itself.  Lack of mobility is not a problem once the snake enters the water, and the chances of it securing a favorable position(to constrict) are much greater.  However, against a 1000lb bear, it will still be outmatched.  As long as the water is shallow enough to allow the bear to remain unsubmerged, it will still be able to utilize its teeth and claws to subdue the anaconda before it becomes threatened itself.  The 30ft anaconda can win this(with the right positioning), but its chances are slim.

Have a nice day.

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