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hi there bk great answer on the last one i must about  200lb male chimp vs the strongest man in the world?fight to the death?and also a big 400lb male silverback vs let's say 3 of these worlds strongest men fight to the death?thanks bk:)

Hello again Chris.

There are many variables involving human vs animal encounters, and this isn't my strong suit, but I'll give it a whirl.

200lb chimp vs world's strongest man: A healthy adult male chimpanzee is typically about 50lb less, but I'll assume the chimp we're using is a healthy one that happens to be 200lbs.  For the world's strongest man we'll use Zydrunas Savickas as an example.  Savickas is a strongman competitor(and champion) listed as 6'3" and 390lbs.  As a general rule, many animals are simply much stronger pound-for-pound than humans.  Their lifestyles have made it necessary for them to evolve with greater strength, and in many occasions, greater physical abilities.  Chimpanzees are many times stronger than the average human.  Compared to a strongman competitor almost twice its weight, the chimpanzee will still have superior pound-for-pound strength and quite possibly superior absolute strength.  Although the strongman might not be physically overwhelmed right away, the quickness, agility, ferocity and dangerous bite of the chimp will likely turn the tables.  The strongman could possibly get his hands around the ape's throat and have some success, but the chimpanzee would prevail the majority of the time.  It will have a better idea of what to do to the human than the other way around.

400lb male silverback vs 3 world's strongest men: A silverback gorilla, like the chimpanzee, has very impressive strength.  It is much stronger than any strongman(even at similar weighs).  Even if the 3 strong humans strategized on how to corral the gorilla, their efforts would likely be an exercise in futility.  The silverback gorilla would simply be too aggressive and too powerful.  Its long arms and crunching bite would probably be used to great effect, and the 3 strongmen would be unable to persist without great risk.

Best regards.

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