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Hi again Saad welcome back by the way!Recently ive been thinking about these Cape Buffalo match ups and who would win them.So if you dont mind here are the list of match ups.

Cape Buffalo vs American Bison

Cape Buffalo vs Water Buffalo

Cape Buffalo vs Yak

Cape Buffalo vs Mexican Fighting Bull

Cape Buffalo vs Giant Eland

Cape Buffalo vs Hippo (on land)

Cape Buffalo vs Sumatran Rhino

Cape Buffalo vs Nile Crocodile (on land)

Cape Buffalo vs Bengal Tigar

Cape Buffalo vs Kodiak Bear

Cape Buffalo vs Walrus

Cape Buffalo vs Polar Bear

Thanks and take as much time as you need!You could even be short if you want since its a long list.

Hello Trish,

1. The American Bison's is bigger than the buffalo and possibly, even stronger. But the buffalo is a much more aggressive animal and has better weaponry. Besides, it is more prone to fighting than the bison hence it would take the victory here.

2. Same as above. Despite the fact that the water buffalo possesses a formidable set of horns, it is not an aggressive animal by nature and since there is not much size difference, the much more violent Cape buffalo would again take the victory.

3. I have a theory which may not be true but I pretty much think it is. It's that the animals that live in mountains are tougher than those of plains or forests. In the mountains, food is scarce, Oxygen is lesser and it's an overall rugged landscape. So the Yak should be much tougher than the buffalo. But the buffalo is again, more aggressive and unpredictable but in the case of the Yak, the buffalo is more likely to be overwhelmed by the former's huge size and strength.

4. The Mexican Fighting bull which you see in competitions is not just in an angry state. It's also confused and scared which fuels it's seemingly aggressive behavior. I don't think it would bring the same ultra violent assault if it was pitted against a cape buffalo in a calm environment. But from a TV show, I heard that Fighting bulls are around twice as strong as normal cattle so here. Moreover, it has greater agility and tremendous stamina so it would win this contest. Tough one though.

5. Eland. Though it is a tough match for both adversaries, the eland has a size advantage as well as greater speed and weaponry.

6. I've seen Hippos killing Cape Buffaloes relatively easily so I name him the victor here.

7. Cape Buffalo. Sumatran rhinos are slightly smaller and lack the arsenal of the buffalo. Moreover, unlike their African cousins, they are not as bad tempered.

8. Cape Buffalo. I can't see how a croc can bring down a cape buffalo; an animal with so much size and strength. Besides, even if they do land their bite on the buffalo, I dont think they would be able to hold it for long. The croc would have to risk being impaled by the buffalo or being trampled (though they don't use that technique much).

9. Cape Buffalo. It is too big and dangerous for a tiger to bring down.

10. Kodiac bears have been known to kill bisons and knowing their huge size and strength, they could kill a Cape buffalo.

11. Strange Matchup. On land, the buffalo would have some difficulty penetrating the skin of the walrus but as the walrus is very slow on land, it would have to lose to the buffalo. But in water, it's a no contest as the walrus would certainly prevail.

12. Same as with Kodiac bear.

Hope that helped.
Don't hesitate to ask again.

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