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Interspecies Conflict/very close animal fights


1.Each animal is average sized.Who will win?
(a)Asiatic lion vs South China tiger
(b)Cheetah vs Kamodo dragon
(c)Game bred American Pitbull vs Peccary vs Eurasian lynx vs Clouded leopard
(d)Grey hound vs Dhole
(e)Anaconda vs Kamodo Dragon
(f)American Black bear vs Jaguar
(g)Waterbuck vs Wildebeest
(h)Ocelot vs Golden Jackal
(i)Three Spotted Hyenas vs African lioness.
(j)Beauceron vs German Shepherd vs Doberman vs Alaskan Malamute
(k)Trained German Shepherd vs Eurasian Lynx vs Olive Baboon
(l)Leopard vs Warthog
(m)Indian leopard vs Amur Leopard
(n)Elk vs Jaguar
2.Suppose all these animals are hypothetically equal in weight then who will prevail?
(a)Indian Wolf vs Dhole
(b)Clouded Leopard vs Snow Leopard
(c)Elk vs Moose
(d)Blackbuck vs Grants Gazelle
(e)Elk vs White tailed Deer
(f)Caracal vs Ocelot vs Asian Golden Cat vs Cougar
(g)Gray wolf vs Bison
(h)Grizzly bear vs Cape Buffalo
(i)Sloth bear vs American Black bear vs Spectecaled Bear vs Asiatic Black Bear
(j)Eland vs Caribou
(k)Elk vs Caribou
(l)Cheetah vs Serval vs Aarwolf
3.Can you estimate the speeds of the following animals?
(d)red fox
(g)Spanish fighting bull
(h)Grizzly bear
(i)Snow Leopard
(j)Clouded Leopard
4.Lastly,what is your favourite animal?Mine is Puma.

Best regards

Hi Mukul,

1. Mostly, Lion vs Tiger questions I always favour Tiger, but here I favour the Lion. It's because the South China Tiger is the smallest species of tiger except for the Sumatran. The lion here has the slight size advantage as well as being better protected by fur.

2. The Komodo dragon only has one lethal weapon here, it's highly contagious bite and it would have a lot of difficulty laying one on the much agile cheetah. Moreover, unlike the crocodile, it's neither protected by an armour. So the Cheetah has the victory here.

3. Peccaries can be fierce fighters and they are also the largest animals of the four so it will gain the victory.

4. Strangely, I believe the Dhole would win. Though a lot smaller, they can be formidable fighters for their size. The greyhound is a much leaner canine and it doesn't bring much here except for size.

5. The komodo dragon would win if it bites the anaconda and runs away, leaving the snake to die it's own death. But in an ambush, the snake would be successful in putting it's coils around the lizard and suffocating it to death. But the snake has more chances of winning.

6. I must say that the jaguar is pound for pound, the strongest feline but the bear is way too big and powerful for it to handle in a face to face combat. In an ambush though, it has more chances of winning.

7. Wildebeest. It is much bigger and stronger than the buck, despite the latter's huge horns.

8. Ocelot. It is slightly larger, has better arsenal and faster reflexes.

9. The hyenas would win. The lioness isn't built for this and is outnumbered. The hyenas have strength in numbers, a lethal bite and durability.

10. Out of these dogs, the German Shepherd is the strongest so it would win.

11. The Eurasian Lynx is the most formidable of the three animals so it has the victory here.

12. In a documentary I saw, the narrator said that even lionesses have to be wary while hunting warthogs as they have been known to even kill lionesses. So the warthog should overpower the leopard.

If the animals are equal in weight:

1. Dhole. Indian wolves are leaner in build and do not possess the Dhole's squat structure.

2. Clouded Leopard. I have heard from somewhere that second to the jaguar, the Clouded Leopard is the strongest cat pound for pound and for it's size it has a powerful build. Moreover, it's canine teeth are the largest in proportion to it's size.

3. Moose. It has a more muscular built body.

4. Blackbuck. Better arsenal and more agility.

5. Cougar. They have a very powerful combat friendly bode as well as more powerful extremities.

6. Elk. Better weaponry.

7. Gray wolf. Great stamina, speed and a powerful bite.

8. Grizzly bear. Better speed, muscular body, weaponry and also better protected by fur, fat and muscle.

9. Asiatic black bear. Though it is a leaner subspecies, it is much more carnivorous and aggressive and has the victory here.

10. Caribou. Better weaponry

11. Elk. Same as above.

12. Serval. Has the best arsenal and the quickest reflexes of the three.

Speeds of the above mentioned animals:

1. Leopard: 55-60km/h according to a show.

2. Cougars has roughly same as Leopard.

3. I've heard Caracals can attain speeds of 65km/h.

4. Red fox: 45-50km/h

5. Baboon: 65-70km/h

6. Giraffe:55-60km/h

7. Spanish fighting bull: 37km/h

8. Grizzly bear: 45-50km/h

9. Snow Leopard: 35-40km/h

10. Clouded Leopard: 60-65km/h

11. Ocelot: 55-60km/h

Lastly, my favourite animal is the domestic dog.

Hope that helped.
Don't hesitate to ask again.

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