Interspecies Conflict/fight to the death



Please predict the winner in following fight scenarios.

1. Caracal Vs Serval
2. Bobcat vs African Golden cat
3. Loser 1 Vs Loser 2
4. Winner 1 vs Winner 2
5. Loser 3 vs loser 4
6. All above 4 cats vs Fishing cat
7. All above 4 cats vs Small female clouded leopard (20 Kg)
8. All 6 cats vs Small female cheetah (35 Kg)

If not mentioned take the cat as Male of average weight.


Hello Ravi.

Caracal vs Serval: The caracal is a stronger, more robustly-built cat than the serval.  Caracals are capable of taking larger prey as well.  A serval is built for amazing agility, leaping ability, & coordination, but these attributes serve it much better hunting than fighting.  Caracal wins.

Bobcat vs African Golden cat: These cats will be similar in size.  The bobcat is well-known for its ferocity, but the African golden cat is capable of taking larger, more formidable prey.  Could go either way, but slightest of edges to the golden cat.

Serval vs Bobcat: Servals aren't built to fight effectively against similarly-sized opponents, but the bobcat is.  Bobcat wins.

Caracal vs African Golden cat: These cats have similar builds, but the caracal is usually larger.  Caracal wins.

Serval vs African Golden cat: Serval loses for the same reasons it loses against a bobcat.  African golden cat wins.

female Clouded Leopard vs Caracal: The average caracal will be smaller than a 20kg female clouded leopard, and it would have a tough time at parity.  The canines of the clouded leopard can finish a fight quickly with a couple of well-placed bites.  The war of the paws will be close, but the clouded leopard holds too many advantages.  Clouded leopard wins.

female Clouded Leopard vs Serval: The clouded leopard's head is much larger in proportion to her body than the servals head, and her bite is much, much more dangerous.  Clouded leopard easily wins.

female Clouded Leopard vs Bobcat: Fierce fight, but the clouded leopard will be too large.  Its more dangerous bite will be a factor here as well.  Clouded leopard wins.

female Clouded Leopard vs African Golden cat: The clouded leopard will have the same advantages here as in the fight with the bobcat.  Not an easy fight, though.  Clouded leopard wins.

Fishing cat vs Caracal: Fishing cats are typically smaller than caracals, and take less formidable prey (fish, frogs, rodents, etc.).  Their shorter legs will be a disadvantage in a swipe war with the caracal as well.  Caracal wins.

Fishing cat vs Serval: The serval will have a small size advantage, and a huge reach advantage.  However, the fishing cat is stockier and can make a better account of itself in a confrontation.  The serval might be able to keep the fishing cat at bay in a real-life encounter, but if the fight gets down & dirty, the fishing cat will easily prevail.  Fishing cat wins.

Fishing cat vs Bobcat: The bobcat will have a small size advantage, and will have the edge in most other physical attributes.  With a size & ferocity edge, the bobcat will overcome the fishing cat.  Bobcat wins.

Fishing cat vs African Golden cat: With a slight weight advantage (and larger prey items taken), the African golden cat should win.  The fishing cat is stocky & has a decent head size & bite, but it will be slightly outmatched here.  African golden cat wins.

female Cheetah (35kg) vs average Caracal: A max-sized caracal could pull this off, but an average one will be too small.  If the cheetah is determined to see this through to the end (amid a face full of claws), she will likely win.  Cheetah wins.

female Cheetah (35kg) vs average Serval: The slender serval would be able to compete against a cheetah if the weights were similar, but here it will be about half her size.  Cheetah wins.

female Cheetah (35kg) vs average Bobcat: The cheetah will have her paws full, but she should have the size to pull this off.  She will be almost 2.5 times the weight of the bobcat.  The bobcat's ferocity & sharp claws will give it a chance, and it might drive the cheetah away, but it won't have the advantage against a determined cheetah of this size.  Cheetah wins.

female Cheetah (35kg) vs average African Golden cat: Again, the cheetah will be too large.  The golden cat will likely repel the cheetah in a realistic encounter, but will not be strong enough to resist if the cheetah decides to wrestle it down and finish with a throat bite.  It won't be easy for the female cheetah because the golden cat will be fighting fiercely every step of the way, but she should have the size & killing experience to prevail (but will have injuries).  Cheetah wins.

female Cheetah (35kg) vs average Fishing Cat: The weight disparity will be too great.  The stocky fishing cat will put up a fight, but the cheetah's size & reach advantage is huge.  Cheetah wins.

female Cheetah (35kg) vs Clouded Leopard (20kg): This will be a real fight for the cheetah.  She will have the size advantage, but that's about it.  The clouded leopard will have enough size & strength to physically compete with the cheetah, and the proportionately larger head (with those long, pointed canines) & sharper claws will be deciding factors.  The female cheetah will find it difficult to make any headway in this fight without putting herself in danger.  Clouded leopard wins.

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