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hi bk i've asked this question before but this time i'm going to use the best human i can think of.size strength,agility,agresssion,etc etc.and the human is brock lesnar.and being amercian i know you have heard of bk put brock in a cage with a big male chimp ready to fight and do damage who wins?and secondly 5 brock lesnars against a big silverback ready to fight?who wins?and finally  is there any giant snake in the world that could beat a 600lb siberian tiger?thanks again bk

Hello Chris.

Brock Lesnar vs chimpanzee: In the last ape vs man contest, we used a 200lb chimp vs Zydrunas Savickas (390lb strongman competitor).  Using Brock Lesnar will change things a little bit.  Brock Lesnar's usual fighting weight in the UFC was around 265lb.  The specified weight of 200lb for the chimp was assuming a scaled-up version without loss of mobility or ability, and I'm not sure if you want me to use that same chimp or a normal top-sized male around 150lbs.  Zydrunas Savickas isn't a professional fighter, but he would still have a chance to win.  Lesnar, who is a professional fighter, might have a better chance than Savickas because he is used to dealing with combative foes (and this will aid Lesnar from a mental standpoint).  I mentioned in the Savickas matchup that the chimp "...will have a better idea of what to do to the human than the other way around" and while that will still be the case, Lesnar will not be clueless here.  He will have a better idea of how to dispatch the chimp because some of the fighting skills he possesses will have some effect on the chimp.  Obviously he is trained at overcoming other humans (and not chimps), but his size, athleticism, skill, and mental toughness will give him a fighting chance.  I don't think I would favor Brock Lesnar against a scaled-up 200lb chimp, but he actually might have a decent shot against a 150lb one.  I would probably give Lesnar a better chance than Savickas against either chimp.  The 200lb chimp would be favored over Lesnar, but the 150lb one would only have a slight edge.  Brock would need to land multiple strikes (fists or elbows) to the skull of the chimpanzee or try to choke the ape.  It's just not going to be as easy to do this against a target he hasn't been trained to defeat (and one that bites!).  The fighter would certainly sustain injuries regardless of the outcome.

5 Brock Lesnars vs silverback gorilla:  A big silverback can weigh 460lb (heavier ones are probably overweight or in a zoo), and will be many times stronger than any human alive.  The only chance the 5 Brocks will have is to strategize, and even then their chances aren't good.  The strikes that Brock Lesnar effectively landed on Heath Herring & Frank Mir won't have nearly the same impact on a gorilla.  Gorillas are physically too tough for humans (even 5 of them) to hurt easily.  The gorilla will likely have more strength in its body than all 5 Brock Lesnars combined, and its clubbing forearms & powerful bite will cause quick damage to the humans.  It would be like 5 schoolkids weighing 115lb each trying to take on a 200lb adult man in great physical shape.  The 5 Brock Lesnars won't be able to cause enough damage to the silverback gorilla to subdue it before they succumb to injuries themselves.

giant snake vs siberian tiger: The largest snake (by weight) in the green anaconda.  Many sources list the top weight as 550lb, but that may be an exaggeration.  The reticulated python is longer (but lighter) and more aggressive.  The African rock python is also very aggressive, and these 2 python species may be more formidable pound-for-pound than the green anaconda.  On land, none of these snakes have a good chance at all against a 600lb Siberian tiger.  The tiger's jaws & claws can cause quick damage, and the cat is too quick to be encoiled by the comparatively sluggish snake.  These snakes might be a match for a small leopard or puma, but would be outmatched against a 600lb tiger.  The snakes would fare better in shallow water, but their chances would still be poor.  The cat would still be able to claw & bite the snake, and it is elusive enough to avoid the coils most of the time.  The large green anaconda has a chance to succeed, but the odds will be against it.  A green anaconda in shallow water can hold its own against most animals its weight or less, but the heavier tiger will be too large and dangerous to tackle on most occasions.  I would favor the green anaconda to win if the water depth was where the tiger couldn't touch the bottom, but the tiger's bite could still spell doom for the boa.  The only other snakes that would have a chance against a 600lb tiger are the venomous ones (like the king cobra, black mamba, taipan, gaboon viper, diamondback rattlesnake, spitting cobras, puff adders, etc.), but the tiger could kill them all with ease before any injected venom took effect.  So without the benefit of deep water, I wouldn't favor any snake on the planet to defeat a 600lb Siberian tiger most of the time.

Best regards.  

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