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hi seem to know your stuff on dogs,now in my opinion no dog would be a match for a leopard let's say 70kg up. do you think any dog could give the cat a run for it's money?in my opinion no as some people think on this site.ten men vs 1000lb kodiak bear?12 pitbulls vs 1000lb kodiak bear?and finally i always like the human vs ape match up. ten average size men in a cage with a 400lb silverback fight to the death?thanks again bk always look forward to your reply:))

Hello Chris.

I would favor a 70kg leopard over any dog on the planet, but it won't be a slam-dunk.  There are some very formidable dogs out there (tosa inu, bully kutta, presa canario, kangal, caucasin ovcharka, boerboel, etc) that have the size & fighting prowess to certainly give the leopard a run for its money.  Regardless of which dog the leopard engages, it will have the advantage of speed, agility, weaponry (jaws & claws), and killing experience.  Canines will usually have the endurance advantage over felines.  Boerboels are a breed from South Africa that have been used to guard against leopards.  A large (80kg) boerboel will intimidate the leopard into retreat on most occasions, but in an actual fight, the leopard will have the upper hand (or paw).  If a one of these large breeds catches a leopard just right (neck bite), it has a chance of prevailing, but a big leopard will be too quick and offensively productive to allow that to happen on most occasions.

10 men vs 1000lb Kodiak bear: This will turn out badly for the men.  Bears are many, many times stronger than humans, and have huge paws & claws that can cause major damage with little effort.  The men would be at a loss of how to hurt the bear (kicks & punches would be mere annoyances), and would be quickly dispatched by the ursid.  For a comparison, imagine you weigh 180lb (82kg) and are attacked by 10 men that weigh only 33lb (15kg).  Each man would be about 57% of your height (if you are 6ft tall, they would each be just about 3ft 5in tall) if they have the same build you do.  Do you think you could fight them off?  You probably could.  Now give yourself a huge boost in strength & giant claws.  Now the fight is overkill.  Even if the men were 110kg each, strong, athletic, and trained in combat, I would still favor the bear.  The men could possibly stun the bear with an accumulation of strikes to the head, but the bear won't remain stationary.  It will be lashing out with powerful swipes that will quickly reduce the numbers advantage of the men.  Humans aren't built to take damage, but bears are.  If a bear wants to end this quickly, it will.

12 pitbulls vs 1000lb Kodiak bear: Multiple-animal matchups are difficult to assess.  Assuming we are using game-bred pitbulls at their optimal fighting weight (30kg), each dog will only weight 1/15th the weight of the bear, and any endurance advantage from either side can be thrown out the window.  Bears are extremely strong, but so are APBTs.  For scaling purposes, each dog's height at the shoulder will be about 42% the shoulder height of the bear.  An APBT's method of attack is to immediately charge in, latch onto the neck or face of an opponent, and employ the "bite & shake" method to induce tissue damage/blood loss.  As a team, these dogs won't form a strategy.  They will all try to find an opening to secure a bite on the front end of the bear.  In contrast, animals like African wild dogs & wolves employ strategy when attacking prey or battling an adversary.  African wild dogs will converge on a wildebeest, one will latch on to the snout and one will latch on to the tail (to immobilize the prey).  The other wild dogs will bite & tear at various places on the body until the antelope weakens and can be brought down.  Pitbulls won't work as a team, but as 12 individuals (and may get in each other's way).  When the pitbulls clamp on, they will have trouble using the "bite & shake" method due to the opponent being so large.  Each dog will simply find its spot and hang on.  They will overcome the bear if the blood loss from their bites is enough (and there's the bear's thick fur to consider) to disable the bear before the bear can effectively pick off the 12 dogs.  The majority of the dogs will be at the front of the bear (some that run out of room may be on the sides), but this will inadvertently put them near the business end of the bear.  The bear should be able to use it huge claws to remove/dispatch a few of the dogs rather quickly, but this will not be easy because some will probably be hanging onto its paws & head area.  A bear's bite can also quickly disable a APBT, but the bear might find it difficult being precise in its offense with so many dogs attacking it at once.  The bear's durability & weaponry should enable it to, after some time has passed, to pick off most of the dogs before succumbing to blood loss.  This will be a long, drawn-out battle.  A lot of this depends on where exactly the dogs attach themselves (several on the neck/throat area could spell doom for the bear), but the fact that most of them will be in range of the bear's offense give the bear a fair chance here.  Solid arguments can be made for both sides in this battle, but I think the bear will prevail more times than not (I would almost call this a 50/50).  Its size, endurance, durability, & weaponry is on a high-enough level to survive this encounter.  It will, however, sustain serious injuries.  If the APBT's formed a strategy similar to African wild dogs & wolves, I would confidently endorse them to defeat the bear a majority of the time.

10 men vs 400lb silverback gorilla: 10 average men will struggle to injure the gorilla.  They will each weigh less than half of the gorilla's weight, and will be much, much weaker in comparison.  If a gorilla is thrashing about with his long. powerful arms and landing bites here and there, the humans aren't going be able to offer any effective offense/defense to neutralize this.  Even a wayward arm swing from the gorilla that unintentionally strikes a human will have serious effect (perhaps breaking bones).  It will be hard for the humans to hurt the gorilla at all, but the gorilla can dispatch each human rather quickly.  The humans would have to be significantly above-average to have a chance.

Best regards.  

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