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Interspecies Conflict/Young Male Lion Vs Young Male Tiger


Hello, Saad
Who would win in a fight between following Big Cats?

1.  2 years old Lion vs 2 years old Tiger

2.  2 years old Tiger vs Lioness

3.  Average leopard vs 2 years old Male Lion

4.  Average Leopard Vs 2 years old Male Tiger

5.  Big Male Cheetah Vs 2 years old Male Lion

6.  Big Male Cheetah Vs 2 years old Male tiger


Hello Zaigham,

1. Tigers and Lions mature at a quite similar age. But like always, I tend to favor the Tiger. I have answered this question before and you can see it from my previous questions.

2. Same as above

3. Lion. A 2 years old Lion would still be much bigger and stronger than the Leopard.

4. Same as above. An easier match for the Tiger.

5. Lion. Cheetahs are much smaller and are built for speed not power.

6. Same as above.

Hope that helped.
Don't hesitate to ask again.

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