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Who would best their opponent between an elephant and a crocodile, in your opinion?

Hello Eduardo.  This question had been moved to the question pool; hope you don't mind if I answer it for you.

The smallest species of elephant, the African forest elephant, weighs 3 times as much as the largest crocodile.  Any species of elephant would be entirely too big & powerful for a crocodile to contend with (although young elephants can fall prey to them).  Crocodiles have poor stamina & mobility on land, and would be easily trampled by the pachyderm.  In the water, a crocodile can make a much better account of itself than on land, but it simply has no way to overcome an animal as large as an elephant.  Even if the crocodile grabbed onto the trunk, it would be pulled out of the water and slung around like a rag doll.  The African & Asian elephants weigh 5-6 times more than the largest crocodile, and could disable it instantly with one well-placed stomp.  A crocodile in the water can hold its own against many animals within its weight range, but an elephant far exceeds its capabilities.

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