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hi there bk.250kg bengal tiger vs ten american pit bull terriers.250lb jaguar vs five american pit bull terriers.a large male chimpanzee vs  two john cenas. wwe wrestler very strong i would imagine i'm sure you have haerd of him.thanks for yout time bk:)

Hello Chris.

Bengal tiger (250kg) vs 10 American Pit Bull Terriers: The Bengal tiger will weigh over 8 times as much as an American Pit Bull Terrier, and will be about twice as tall at the shoulder.  A Bengal tiger is a fantastic hunter capable of ambushing and successfully dispatching large, dangerous animals (like wild buffalo & gaur).  It is quick & agile, armed with sharp teeth & claws, and has great finishing ability.  American Pit Bull Terriers, when game-bred, are pound-for-pound the best combatant in the canid world.  They are strong, athletic, relentless, and durable.  Canids typically have a significant edge over felids in the stamina department.  A tiger can pack a lot of explosive action into a small window of time to easily accomplish a daunting task, while an APBT can use its endurance to continue its efforts for a prolonged period of time.  While tigers occasionally cross paths with wolves & dholes in the wild, the smaller canids avoid direct contact with the big cats on most occasions.  Most wild canids won't attack another animal if the risk is great, and even when they do so, they employ a cautious attack method in which they attack sporadically from all sides to wear down the quarry until they can bring it down.  The APBTs won't do this.  They will all rush in immediately and latch onto the tiger with their jaws (aiming for the face, neck, and other anterior portions).  The APBTs' deliberate attack will work to their advantage in some ways, and against them in others.  If a tiger is attacked by wolves, it will have the spacing to attack with paw swipes & quick bites, but its focus will be divided.  If a tiger is attacked by a group of American Pit Bull Terriers, it will have a couple of seconds to take advantage of the spacing to land any paw swipes/bites, but it will soon know exactly what its up against (its focus won't be divided; it will need to remove the dogs attached to it).  APBTs have the ability to finish an animal in its weight range by grabbing on with its jaws and shaking violently (to induce tissue damage) and pulling back with their jaws (also to induce tissue damage).  This can be very effective if the APBT is somewhat anchored to the ground by its own body weight while it performs these actions, but against a much heavier animal, it will be slung around while it hangs on.  Because the dogs have one offensive weapon each (jaws), the damage they inflict on the tiger will be limited to what their bites will do while they are clamped onto the tiger's hide (and most won't have the leverage to shake & rip while simply hanging on).  The tiger will be initially overwhelmed by 10 APBTs attacking and seizing it at once, but will have the reflexes to counter-attack quickly and ferociously fight to remove the dogs.  A couple of the APBTs will likely be killed very quickly as they come into range, and a few others may succumb to clawing & biting if they are latched onto an area that is within range of the tiger's weaponry.  The tiger will become tired quickly, however, because the weight of the dogs hanging onto it will impede its movement and induce fatigue.  It's difficult to accurately pin down exactly how the tiger will react because tigers in the wild don't ever deal with this type of attack.  In this scenario, there will undoubtedly be times where the tiger prevails, and there will be times where the dogs prevail.  It's possible that fewer than 10 APBTs might succeed on occasion.  With the APBTs needing a lot of time to accumulate enough damage to overtake the tiger and the tiger's ability to easily disable an APBT with its weaponry, it's hard not to favor the tiger here.  Its all dependant on where the APBTs secure their bites (and whether or not the tiger can "reach" them to claw or bite).  Multiple-animal matchups (especially hypothetical ones) are difficult to assess, but neither side here has an outstanding edge.  Probably close to 50/50.

jaguar (250lb) vs 5 American Pit Bull Terriers: The jaguar will weigh almost as much as 4 American Pit Bull Terriers, and will be over 40% taller at the shoulder.  Jaguars are among the strongest cats pound-for-pound, and have stocky bodies with powerful limbs.  The bite of a jaguar is extremely strong, capable of crushing turtle shells and skulls of prey items.  As mentioned before in regards to felid vs canid, the jaguar will have some advantages (quickness, agility, superior weaponry, explosive action, finishing know-how) and the APBTs will have some advantages (durability, greater stamina, relentlessness, greater numbers).  The jaguar will likely be able to dispatch one of the APBTs rather quickly with its great reaction time, but will have a small amount of time to remove the other dogs before it succumbs to fatigue.  The jaguar isn't practiced at dealing with this type of attack (nothing it encounters attacks like a group of APBTs will), and how it will actually react isn't something etched in stone.  It presumedly will battle fiercely to repel its attackers, and its success will depend partly on where the APBTs latch on.  The jaguar should have the ability to injure the dogs grabbing onto its anterior areas with its sharp claws & strong bite, but its movement (and its agility) will be impeded.  As with the previous matchup, there will be times the jaguar prevails, and there will be times the APBTs prevail.  Overall, I slightly favor the 5 American Pit Bull Terriers.  

large male chimpanzee vs 2 John Cenas: Each John Cena will stand 6'1" and weigh about 109kg.  Chimpanzees usually don't exceed 60kg, but a large one may approach 68kg.  Each Cena will weigh about 60% more than the chimpanzee.  A chimpanzee isn't a practiced fighter in the wild without help from its troop, but can still be a dangerous animal for any human to encounter.  It will have good mobility, grabbing hands, and the potential to deliver a serious bite.  Chimpanzees are stronger than humans pound-for-pound (perhaps as much as 4 times as much), and can be very aggressive.  John Cena's profession requires him to be in great physical shape, and his strength and athleticism will serve him well in this battle.  If the 2 John Cenas bring a high level of mental discipline & determination to the table, they should be able to combine their efforts and eventually restrain the chimp.  The chimpanzee will certainly dish out injuries before it's subdued, and on some occasions may not be subdued at all.  The fight may be a prolonged one due to neither party having great finishing ability in this type of encounter.  Edge to 2 John Cenas.  

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