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Hi again Bk,I've been split on who would win between a gorilla and a yak,and I would like your opinion on this question.

Thank You

Hello Trish.  Good to hear from you.

Gorilla vs Yak: The top weight for a gorilla is about 460lb.  A large wild yak can weigh over 4 1/2 times as much, and will be over twice as tall at the shoulder (when the gorilla is on all fours).  Gorillas are very robust primates with long, powerful arms (with grabbing hands) and strong bites (with sharp canines) that can cause injury to an adversary.  However, gorillas are usually peaceful, and confrontations are usually limited to others of their own kind (and typically consist of displays of intimidation that rarely become violent battles).  A gorilla can be an effective combatant against another type of animal with the right set of actions, but it's just not practiced at doing so.  The leopard is the only major threat to a gorilla, and actual face-to-face battles aren't the norm (leopards usually ambush).  Yaks are docile bovids with shaggy coats and long, curved horns.  Despite their non-confrontational nature, they are capable of defending themselves if needed (with horns & hooves).  A yak can easily injure a gorilla with a forceful charge, and the much smaller ape won't have any means to stop this from happening.  A gorilla doesn't have the agility & quickness of a predatory cat, and it doesn't have the proper weaponry (gripping claws/slicing teeth/killing know-how) to effectively subdue a yak at all.  The yak, having a huge size advantage, will also have a lot more brute strength.  If the gorilla somehow manages to grab onto the yak at any point, it won't be able to gain any control by this action because of this (being weaker).  If the gorilla somehow leaps upon the yak (which isn't an impossibility for the ape, but not something it will naturally do), it won't be able to hang onto the bovid.  The gorilla simply isn't equipped to succeed in this battle, and the ape won't have the experience or the instincts for it.  Realistically, if these 2 were to actually meet, they would likely coexist rather peacefully and have no reason for hostility.  Yak wins.

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