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hello BK

how are you hope you're doing well my friends are out enjoying Halloween but I and my brother are stuck watching the neigbor's dog so any way we started having this debate I watched a show featuring Vampire bats and my brother saw a show about Grasshopper mice and so he saw the vampire bat and said DO YOU THINK A VAMPIRE BAT COULD BEAT A GRASSHOPPER MOUSE? I told him I wasn't sure they both are scary but it unknown if a bat could beat a mouse so I couldn't say  he favors the grasshopper mouse but I think the vampire bat  would win he says mouse because the mouse is a specialist at killing prey and so he could have a better chance to kill the bat then the reverse but the bat can drain all the blood out of the mouse so I think the bat would win so Bk ho would win between a vampire bat and a Grasshopper mouse Death on silent wings or the crawling creeper of the night

Hello Alex.  Doing OK here.

Vampire bat vs Grasshopper mouse: The vampire bats & grasshopper mice typically weigh about the same.  The vampire bat weighs about 1 5/8 oz (about as much as a golf ball).  A Northern grasshopper mouse can weigh a little bit more than this; the Southern grasshopper mouse a little less.  Vampire bats feed on the blood of mammals, and typically do this while the victims are sleeping (or otherwise unaware or unconcerned of their presence).  Their upper incisors are razor-sharp, and can easily cut into hide to induce bleeding.  The grasshopper mouse is a stocky rodent that feeds on scorpions, beetles, grasshoppers, & smaller mammals (which it kills with a bite to the back of the neck).  It is a smart hunter, knowing to avoid the sting of the scorpion (by grabbing it immediately and removing it) and the "chemical warfare" of certain beetles (by shoving the dangerous end into the dirt when it attacks).  A vampire bat is a strong flyer, and can move around rather well on the ground by using its forearms and back legs to propel itself.  However, the lateral quickness of the grasshopper mouse will be greater, and its ability to kill prey items that are aware of its presence will give it an additional advantage over the bat.  The vampire bat won't swoop down and attack the mouse like a bird of prey will, and won't be able to use its bite effectively against an animal with superior reflexes.  The vampire bat can certainly extract enough blood from a grasshopper mouse to kill it, but only if the mouse is asleep or immobilized.  The vampire bat definitely looks scary, but it is a stealthy creature that isn't practiced at fighting.  Grasshopper mouse wins.

Good Halloween matchup!

Best regards.  

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