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devil monkey
devil monkey  
i am wondering if you know much about the devil monkeys (in Tennessee) because i thin i saw one.

Hello Gabe.

Q: I am wondering if you know much about the devil monkeys (in Tennessee) because I think I saw one.

A: I've never heard of them.  After receiving your question, I looked around a bit on the web to see what information I could find.  Apparently there is no proof of such a creature existing (akin to the Bigfoot or Abomidable Snowman sightings).  There are several alleged sightings of the "devil monkey" and it has been described as looking like various other animals (wallabies, baboons, lemurs, etc.) and having a dog-like face.  I certainly don't doubt that you (and the other people that reported doing so) saw something unusual, but I can't really determine what it might have been without seeing it myself (or viewing a photograph).  Considering the general size and appearance of the devil monkey based on various descriptions, I can't think of an animal that is indigenous to Tennessee that might be the culprit.  The illustration you provided loosely resembles a canine on its rear legs.  Gray wolves don't live in Tennessee, but coyotes do.  However, coyotes are too small (about .65m at the shoulder and approximately 20kgs in weight) to be seriously considered based on most desciptions.  Other possibilites (wolverines, baboons, chimpanzees, wallabies, lemurs, etc.) don't live anywhere close to Tennessee, and bears don't have long tails.  I wouldn't rule out an escaped exotic animal (which is yet another theory) or a large feral breed of dog (my personal best guess), but there's not enough to go on.  There have been many attempts to explain the "Bigfoot" phenomena over the years (escaped gorilla, large bear, man in a suit, etc.), and there will likely be many for the devil monkey.  There is an explanation for anything our senses perceive; we just don't always have the ability/knowledge to arrive at those explanations.  Bottom line is that you saw something.  There is an explanation for it.  Regardless of whatever it was you saw, be sure to exercise the utmost caution when conducting any level of investigation.

* This question isn't within my expertise, but I am happy to answer it as much as my limited knowledge will allow!  Feel free to contact me again if you gather any more information or have another sighting! *

Best regards.

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