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12kg american badger vs 16kg serval

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American badger (12kg) vs serval (16kg): The American badger is a powerful burrowing animal with a flat, wide body.  It is an expert digger, and uses this ability to unearth many of the prey items it feeds on (ground squirrels, gophers, mice, etc.).  The American badger sometimes attacks and eats rattlesnakes, and only its nose seems vulnerable to the snake's strikes.  The badger has thick fur & tough hide, and can be a fierce fighter if forced to do so (will use its strong bite and sharp claws).  A serval is a slender, long-legged cat that exhibits great leaping ability and agility.  They are expert rodent hunters, but have been known to capture flying birds by leaping high (even over 3m) in the air.  A serval has a relatively small head (as compared to most cats close to its size), and its lithe build serves it better as an acrobat than a fighter.  It can use its claws (and bite) in a skirmish, but it is not as formidable (pound-for-pound) as a caracal or a bobcat.  A badger is a more solidly built animal, and it better suited for combat.  Servals are fast runners (badgers are poor runners), but that ability won't help it in a close-quarters fight.  A serval will have a hard time injuring the badger, and the badger will be able to drive the serval away with an aggressive display or a few bite attempts.  American badger wins.

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